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  1. Started the new MM yesterday, fingers crossed! He has a combination of red fins (though gets 75% better with water changes), yellow face, and I think he is more bloated lately too. Would a day with epsom be worth doing? I cant remember if I mentioned before that my water "reservior" is working perfect. I will add water back to it after a water change and by the next day the pH is back down to a 7.2 I was wondering the other day how all the people in my town are doing with their fish. I hate to pick on the average fish owner, but not very many people test their water so I wonder if most of them have lost their fish. Again, not to sound like a better fish owner, I just think most people dont care about fish as much as us.
  2. Still no changes in Brian!! So dang frustrating. He seems to have a hard time getting the food too which is ridiculous in a >10g tank. He cant control his swimming as much it seems like. I ordered new MM on Sunday and hoping they will help. Do you think my MM could be useless since I opened them over 6 months ago and have been in a zip lock bag that hasnt been tightly sealed? I almost hope so, so that there is a reason there are no improvements. It seems like he is ok though, I am not as concerned that he isnt going to make it like a few weeks ago when I posted those videos. Obviously I am not sure if he will make it but its not like he is on his death bed like I thought before. Ok... just had to vent On a side note, I spent way too much money at pet smart and pet co yesterday and gave Toby a make over in his tank. Poor little feller has a 50g to himself. I cant help but laugh when people come over and peek into my tank because I know they are thinking "hmm just a huge tank with a fish that is practically dead on the bottom" The tank sure looks nice though!
  3. Hello! No updates really. No improvements or down falls with Brian, red fins but I havent changed the water yet today so I am guessing that is why. About to do it though! I am disappointed there are no improvements. I am going to order more MM because mine are probably getting old anyway. I am not sure about Toby. His stomach wasnt as soft the other day and it goes back and forth. Has some goofy looking poop lately, I am thinking he is actually a Tora, not a Toby maybe. And Black, I am going to PM you back in a bit. I just got home and am starving so talk to you later
  4. Thank you everyone! I will go get a bin tomorrow, I wanted to do it as a last resort with the small amount of space I have in my apartment but it officially came the last resort I guess. Brian is still on the bottom on his side. His face looks so yellow compared to before, I am not sure what that would mean but it's odd. He still has some pep in him when I feed him but it he isnt improving much Toby is Toby I guess. I dont know how to read that fish. His poop has been like nothing I have seen before. It has a gel look appearance to it.... Mainly clear with a skinny amount of food through out it all. But it is thick/clear. IDK it is weird!
  5. haha dang it! All that work for nothing! Any other way to do it? I have 20 jugs so I cant add an air stone to each one
  6. 96 hours since I filled 20 jugs of water with tap water and it is STILL 8+ pH. Grrrr... guess I have to go buy more jugs
  7. Brian is doing ok. Is very excited to eat but still lays on his side any other time. Not as lethargic as a couple days ago. Toby is lethargic even when he is normal. Haha
  8. Mmmk What should I keep an eye out for so I know if I should medicate him? Since I wont know if he is acting weird since he always bottom sits
  9. I wonder what it could be..... Anyways, I have been on poop patrol for a few hours and I checked and checked and nothing. In a matter of a couple minutes in between before getting ready for bed, He had good 2 inches of thick yet empty poop (make sense?) trailing? A pic in case you were dying to see
  10. Thank you. I just don't get why this keeps happening. My animals are dropping like flies the past couple months! And the stupid water issues makes it so hard to keep the water clean for them. I just want this to end
  11. Ok, I will try. With my water issues, I have been feeding him very little so I hope I will see something. I feel like Im gonna puke....
  12. Ok, what would you like to know? His is definitely soft, more soft than brians....
  13. Honestly, I have no idea. I have barely even looked at him the past week or so. He wont eat. It is so hard to know if his behavior is off though
  14. Toby's stomach is soft too What should I do about a QT tank for 2?
  15. Looking a little better. He sits upright sometimes and eats and poops a lottt! I have boughten SO many jugs of spring water. I refill them with tap water waiting for them eventually to drop in pH but the ones I first filled over 48 hours ago are still bright purple when I test them. GAH! His face looks yellowish? Any idea why? ETA- Noticed his tummy is soft... He is battling something internal
  16. He is looking a little better, in my opinion. Seems a little more lively. Well I guess I probably ended the MM treatment too soon last month with him because this behavior started maybe a week after I stopped.
  17. I just came to the realization of something..... What if he is becoming a sinker? Honestly, he seems healthy otherwise. When I touch him gets so excited and starts sucking on my fingers before he can even give me a chance to feed him. Yet he is on the bottom, usually on his side all other times. He still has boyouncy (sp?) when tries to swim but it is kind of awkward. And when I fed him, he was chewing on the bottom upside down like it was normal.
  18. I actually have been changing more, it's pretty easy to do WC in a small tank. He lays on the bottom most the time but when I get him out of his trance he will swim around a bit, and when he does swim he is perky! But when its out, he is out cold for long periods of time. Super eager to eat. I have been breaking them up and scooting him around to get them. Once he eats, back down he goes.
  19. Here is a video from this afternoon, Any feed back at all would be greatly appreciated
  20. Absolutely. They no longer have the food in town so I guess it will be MM if he is still hanging on when I get home
  21. Thanks Have you thought of any ideas on what to do for my water changes? I can handle the 10g and 30g for the time being but I am not sure what to do for my 55g. I cant buy 20-30 jugs every week Can you recall anyone else on here with similar water readings? I did some searching but didnt have much luck
  22. No I dont think so, just MM. What is an example of one, I can possibly get someone to pick them up tomorrow. I really do think there is something going on with his stomach. He is upside down on the bottom at all times except he moves around a little bit when I put (very minimal) food in, has a hard time finding it though And no worries, I understand and appreciate the help
  23. Still no change, on the bottom on his side. Clearly he is not doing well. Any lost resorts I can try on him? I understand he is weak but he obviously isnt good so I thought maybe try to help with the bloating knowing he might not be strong enough for it
  24. I decided to feed Brian a couple pellets, just want to make sure he has enough energy to try to get through this He looks pretty lethargic though just laying there upside down. When the food fell in he started darting a little bit, not like greg before he passed, but more like a fluke reaction. He seemed eager enough to eat the food. With him darting like that and his stomach bulgy (I felt, and I am pretty sure its way more than before), is there any way he has parasites? I just want him to pull through so bad! He was my first and always favorite fish
  25. I cant believe he is still alive.... he looks about the same (like in the pics a few posts back), maybe a little worse. Still looks bloated a bit. Poor guy, wish there was something I could do
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