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  1. Mostly got things for the dogs and the bird, though I did pick up some filter supplies for the goldies. Saw a GORGEOUS white oranda, too. If only my other tank wasn't taking so long to cycle . . .
  2. I've got my betta boy in a heated 3-gallon with a mini internal filter. I change 30% of the water at least twice a week, (usually more often) and I've had no problems. He's a happy, beautiful boy!
  3. I've had my moors tank for so long (used it for tropicals for years) I have no idea what it cost. I'll have to estimate for my new guys tank instead. Tank, heater, filter, hood, lights- $80 Air pump-$20 Fish- $11 Tall silk plant- $6 I already had my glass decorations, airstone, another silk plant and the furniture to put the tank on, so I have no clue how much those cost. But the cost of everything I had to buy new- $117. And other people actually bought some of the stuff Not bad!
  4. I looked him over carefully both from the side and the top-looks fine to me. Maybe it's just the camera angle?
  5. As you may have seen in my status update I have : One is a redcap oranda and the other a calico fantail. The oranda is 1 1/2 inches and the fantil is only about 1 inch . I, frankly, stink at taking fish pictures, so I've taken a short clip of them instead Click for Cuteness
  6. I went to my local Pet$mart a couple days ago, and was pleasantly surprised to find that the goldfish actually looked pretty healthy. There were orandas, ADORABLE baby pearlscales, shubunkins, fantails, moors, and a big, beautiful silver pompon, the only one I've ever seen. Of, course, though, I had no space for it *sigh* Maybe it'll still be there when I get my new tank set up, which I bought at the same time. A 25g with filter, hood, 2 florescent bulbs and heater that was on sale for 80 bucks.
  7. It's frustrating, I know. I have some relatives who keep (now stunted) commons in tiny bowls half filled with gravel. They insist that they're "not going to buy a big tank and spend money for one fish!" I'm curious why they got the fish at all, as they don't seem to care about them. *sigh*
  8. I agree with CFG-this is sometimes breeding behavior. My two also did this when I first put them in their tank.
  9. I've got a pair black moors Here's the male, Darth Vader, enjoying his lettuce
  10. I need to get some good pictures of Bruce (my crowntail) on here. He's kinda camera-shy though
  11. Last trip to my lfs I bought some fake plants (there weren't any good real ones >.>) a background, and 5 glowlight tetras for my tropical tank. (The tetras have now been reduced to four, as number five died under mysterious circumstances ) And I also stared at a 55 gallon tank, baby orandas, baby moors, baby koi, young shubunkins and a REALLY lovely baby orange and black calico fantail. None of which I have any room for *sigh*
  12. Wow..... I've had swordtails change sex before, but never goldfish..... O.O
  13. Beautiful- but they look almost exactly like the pair of moors I already have
  14. So I have received permission to relocate and take care of a 10g tropical tank. I'm basically starting from scratch (expect for the filter), and I'd like some advice on what to put in there, since it's been years since I stocked a tropical tank. My only condition is no live bearers,. I've had swordtails practically take over a 20g with their babies in the past, and I'd rather not repeat that.
  15. Oh, I hate that! I also hate it when I have the whole tank back together after a wc and one of the silk plants has come unburied and is tilting at a ridiculous angle
  16. EGJ

    New Betta

    Yep, that's what I did with my new betta Bruce, lol. The day we bought him, I insisted he had to pass the 24 hour test before I would even start thinking about names.
  17. I go to my local zoo becasue the enclosures are huge- for instance, there is an African plains exhibit that is 100+ acres All the other exhibits are big, too.
  18. Today someone else brought me home a bunch of stuff from a lfs.. a male crowntail betta , betta food, API Proper PH powder,a drop ammonia test kit, a feeding ring and a package of airstones
  19. Thank goodness none of mine are stunted- the lfs I got them from overstocked them (I've found that most lfs do) but the water and tank was very clean, and it wasn't grossly overstocked as a lot of ones at chain stores are. But this is sad- my cousin keeps a common (or comet, can't tell which)in a one gallon fish bowl that's half filled with gravel! So the poor thing has less then 1g of water and is fed nothing but flakes. He's several years old (I think) and only 1.5-2 inches long. He look kind of..oddly shaped to me. I pretty sure he's stunted It's always so sad to see him like this
  20. My tank has gravel, well, first becasue I diden't know how much goldfish poop when I first got them, second becasue I think it looks better- I've always used gravel The gravel is vacuumed every time I do a water change, which is twice a week. In my opinion, it isn't a HUGE amount of extra work if you do it at the same time as a water change
  21. Oh, and I am also happy to report that since the recent water change, ammonia is now gone
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