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  1. Mostly got things for the dogs and the bird, though I did pick up some filter supplies for the goldies. Saw a GORGEOUS white oranda, too. If only my other tank wasn't taking so long to cycle . . .
  2. I've got my betta boy in a heated 3-gallon with a mini internal filter. I change 30% of the water at least twice a week, (usually more often) and I've had no problems. He's a happy, beautiful boy!
  3. I've had my moors tank for so long (used it for tropicals for years) I have no idea what it cost. I'll have to estimate for my new guys tank instead. Tank, heater, filter, hood, lights- $80 Air pump-$20 Fish- $11 Tall silk plant- $6 I already had my glass decorations, airstone, another silk plant and the furniture to put the tank on, so I have no clue how much those cost. But the cost of everything I had to buy new- $117. And other people actually bought some of the stuff Not bad!
  4. I looked him over carefully both from the side and the top-looks fine to me. Maybe it's just the camera angle?
  5. As you may have seen in my status update I have : One is a redcap oranda and the other a calico fantail. The oranda is 1 1/2 inches and the fantil is only about 1 inch . I, frankly, stink at taking fish pictures, so I've taken a short clip of them instead Click for Cuteness
  6. I went to my local Pet$mart a couple days ago, and was pleasantly surprised to find that the goldfish actually looked pretty healthy. There were orandas, ADORABLE baby pearlscales, shubunkins, fantails, moors, and a big, beautiful silver pompon, the only one I've ever seen. Of, course, though, I had no space for it *sigh* Maybe it'll still be there when I get my new tank set up, which I bought at the same time. A 25g with filter, hood, 2 florescent bulbs and heater that was on sale for 80 bucks.
  7. It's frustrating, I know. I have some relatives who keep (now stunted) commons in tiny bowls half filled with gravel. They insist that they're "not going to buy a big tank and spend money for one fish!" I'm curious why they got the fish at all, as they don't seem to care about them. *sigh*
  8. I agree with CFG-this is sometimes breeding behavior. My two also did this when I first put them in their tank.
  9. I've got a pair black moors Here's the male, Darth Vader, enjoying his lettuce
  10. I need to get some good pictures of Bruce (my crowntail) on here. He's kinda camera-shy though
  11. Last trip to my lfs I bought some fake plants (there weren't any good real ones >.>) a background, and 5 glowlight tetras for my tropical tank. (The tetras have now been reduced to four, as number five died under mysterious circumstances ) And I also stared at a 55 gallon tank, baby orandas, baby moors, baby koi, young shubunkins and a REALLY lovely baby orange and black calico fantail. None of which I have any room for *sigh*
  12. Wow..... I've had swordtails change sex before, but never goldfish..... O.O
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