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  1. I'm going to hope that no news is very good news.
  2. Great news! Would you mind updating with a video and/or pics, please?
  3. Hi Kayla, If she is still active or if she has become even more active since the commencement of the meds, I would like for you to stay the course, which in the case means continuing the Epsom treatment, daily big water changes, and metro+. If she is continues to poop, then we should continue to fast her for 1-2 more days. Depending on how things go with that, we will switch over to Metro-Meds. One of the reasons the mod team suggested that we went with the fasting was because if it's eggs, it's thought fasting encourages re-absorption of the eggs (Roberts book). Moreover, in the event of extreme constipation (which may be at least some part of the the problem here), we give her time to pass on this stuff out. Just keep on updating as you have, and hopefully, this will become a celebratory thing soon.
  4. For what it's worth, I did spend quite a bit of time trying to decide if the second is an oranda that doesn't have much wen. It still could be, although I would lean toward fantail at the moment.
  5. Can we get a video and update of Sunrise, please? I'm glad for all the very good news!
  6. No dip. Add to the water, and then come back for the next set of suggestions.
  7. Do a search for anchor worms, please, and see if there is any resemblance
  8. I think one of the concerns is the toxicity level, as well as its potential effects on the biofilter. Like PP, you have to be careful to be exact in what you dose in, and also the "freshness" of your peroxide bottle, I guess. I have found that while I have used HP for quick antiparasite dips etc., I have not found it necessary to use it elsewhere, since it's not really needed. How is your fish doing this evening?
  9. Please check your parameter the next day and see if you need to add Prime/Amquel to block ammonia and nitrite. Otherwise, after 48 hours, do a 100% WC and replace meds. I would like to go with that pattern for 10-14 days, depending on how the fish does. You are supposed to see improvements as soon as 48 hours, so I am hopeful we will have great results soon!
  10. No salt, please. Just the two meds. Once you have them in, please let us know, and either Jess or I will follow up Good luck, and hang in there!
  11. If you have both, please use both. I meant earlier that if you just have furan first, go ahead and start it right away.
  12. First of all don't panic. It may still be absolutely normal behavior. We'll try to sort it out. I would like to get from you a 1 minute video (no longer) of Moonlight in the tank. I would also like to see the entire tank, either in the video, or in separate pics. How much gulping does he or she do?
  13. ya. sorry about that moonlight, my blue oranda, seems to be doing better. i think it might just be something that she does because she wants to lol. It doesn't seem to me that it is something to be concerned about (yet, or at all), but it is good to keep an eye out for these things. If you start to see that your fish start dart more and more, or gulp more at the surface, then it might be time to see if we can do something. Until then, enjoy your tank, and have fun!
  14. Is there an advantage to the powdered metro over the Metro Meds? Just curious because I do have Metro Meds that I can start her on right away. I have to go to PetSmart later today so I will look for bifuran while I'm there. Thanks Start on the bifuran ASAP.
  15. Why so often? CT, just buy new sponges or make something equivalent.
  16. I don't think that it's possible for you to have 50 ppm ammonia in the tap. I think there is some error in your report, because having taken a look at San Diego's water report, I would say there is definitely something wrong. http://www.sandiego.gov/water/pdf/wq13.pdf How is your fish doing? Still seeing the same sort of behavior? Edit: Just saw your post above.
  17. I would very much like to see what this sponge looks like etc. It should be easy to show, no?
  18. Thanks; I hope that works... Go back and look at my original discussion with you. Other than phosphates, the whole carbon leeching things out is a myth. As for phosphates, the depends on the carbon. What we discussed before was whether carbon is a favored substrate for certain pathogenic bacteria, but that's a different topic.
  19. If your parameters are running ideally, and your tank is clear, then you have enough...
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