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  1. I have problems believeing that M. vaccae can be the culprit.
  2. Which Mycobacterium? This makes a world of difference, because mycobacteria are notoriously difficult (if not impossible) to treat, and different antibiotics have different effects on the different mycobacteria (M. tuberculosis v. M. avium, for example). I know that this is the last thing you want to hear, but it would be remiss of me not to raise the issue. If you really suspect that this is mycobacterium, it may be in your best interest to isolate these fish from all others, from now until the entire colony dies out. Other steps also may be needed. As you know, Mycobacteria are extremely resilient and persistent, and it would be terrible that in the process of trying to save this group, you contaminate your future fish. I am not at all suggesting that your fish has tuberculosis infection, not having seen anything to make any sort of conclusion, but if you suspect tb in the fish, you should consider carefully your options. This article http://fisheries.tamu.edu/files/2013/09/SRAC-Publication-No.-4706-Mycobacterial-Infections-of-Fish.pdf suggests that Tb infections of ornamental fish should be considered untreatable, in the sense that as soon as you remove the treatment, the symptoms come right back. It might be worth reading.
  3. Are you aware Alex has a PhD in immunology from Brown University, an Ivy League school? He knows his stuff . . . . Also, I have seen a picture of him and I think he is Asian. That trumps everything. hahahahahaha :rofl
  4. I love my albino BNs. They are so much fun I am thinking of breeding them.
  5. I would recommend any of the Nikon lines. It really depends on your budget, but the truth is that the Nikon D3300, 5300, or 7100 will all do a good job. I agree that the injections should be enough, IF whatever affected fish is susceptible to alkamycin. I would imagine that as a vet, this is something he can figure out easily.
  6. Sounds drastic to want to extend erythro treatment to 180 days. Do you have any pics?
  7. They have done this for some time, when the science actually supported those statements. This is quite understandable, don't you think? They are supposed to be a national science organization. If they accept as truths without evidence from any person on the street, they will be left with a bunch of wishful thinking. Science sometimes is slower that one would like, but having actual convincing proof is necessary and worth it. If you are dedicated to the cause, you work to show the actual evidence, instead of just wondering why no one believes you. Do you have actual evidence that HUMAN VZV infects other species? I would love to see the data. In the end, to prevent baseless accusations (as just happened with your mistatements about the CDC), let's see the actual published data. Thanks! I hope you don't mind my being so direct here. I don't mean to be insulting, but you just made several misstatements that turned out to be absolutely untrue. So, I just wanted to make sure we are on the same page, and seeing actual proof.
  8. Also, the other thing to keep in mind is that the herpes zoster family of viruses is a large group of viruses. There are simian zoster viruses, and there is the human one. There are also those that affect other animals. However, human herpes zoster only infects humans. There is a recent Journal of Virology article that shows that the human version cannot infect primates, but is sufficient to stimulate a protective immune response against the primate version.
  9. http://www.cdc.gov/cfs/ Why do you say that the CDC claims that no such thing as CFS exists, when they do? http://www.cdc.gov/polio/us/hcp.html Why do you say that the CDC doesn't recognize that non-paralytic post polio exists? Where do you get your info? The CDC may be out of date in their recognition of something in deference to science actually validating something, but they are quite credible as far as I am concerned.
  10. In case you are curious, here's some reading for you http://wwwnc.cdc.gov/travel/yellowbook/2014/chapter-3-infectious-diseases-related-to-travel/varicella-chickenpox The essence of the CDC article is that chicken pox is a humans only disease. Fish cannot get human chicken pox, and cannot give humans chicken pox. Here's a good reference to some common zoonotic diseases https://www.apsu.edu/files/iacuc/Zoonoses-fish-reptiles-amphibians.pdf _______________________ There are of course a number of infections that can pass between humans and fish, but these are relatively rare events unless you (or the fish) are immunocompromised.
  11. Hi all, I very much dislike being a party-spoiler, and so this will be the last time I am going to mention this. Let us all stick to the relevant topic at hand, and only the topic at hand. In this instance, it is about orandas and temperatures, and failing that, goldfish-related issues that may be relevant to the thread. It is 1:10 am where I am on Thanksgiving Day, and very much would like to think that we are all capable of being civil and courteous, and to stick to the topic at hand. Thank you very much for your attention, and I sincerely hope that this is the last time I ever have to bring up this unpleasant discussion. Alex
  12. [DNAlex removed.]Edit: But a friendly request to provide pics from said TVO parents may be accepted if such a claim is made? Hi Hinfin, I really don't know what happened on a different forum, and I have little interest in reading any of it. What may or may not have occurred elsewhere is irrelevant to this forum and its members. What is relevant is that we must obey the rules, and this means that we cannot accuse anyone of anything, and we must be courteous with each other. If you have issues or concerns about anyone or anything, please discuss with admins, but public threads are not for the purposes of airing out grievances, much less those that have nothing to do with this forum. I hope we can all continue with the discourse of goldfish and related things with all due civility. Thank you.
  13. The tanks are amazing, Daniel, and somehow the corys make me thing of cows grazing.
  14. Rubbish I would like to remind us all that the forum rules require us all to carry on discussions civilly without attacking each other. Disagreements can often happen, but they need to carry the discussion going instead of just stating that someone's one post is rubbish. If you disagree, could you please indicate why, etc? Thank you.
  15. Hi Glenn, Thanks for your PMs, but as I had mentioned in the PM, because my ability to be on the forum is extremely limited these days, I don't have the ability to conduct discussions in private. I can only pitch in when I may, and so you are better off posting to the threads where you can get input from all others. Thanks! In any case, let me recap. The link you shared with me was one which measures conductivity. Like TDS measurements, it can be a stand in for hardness, but it doesn't actually measure hardness and thus is subject to the limitations and errors one encounters when measuring by proxy. Here's a decent link that talks about all this http://www.globalw.com/support/hardness.html An electronic meter that measures actual hardness will cost about $1000 or more.
  16. Hello, You've linked us to a pH meter...could you link us to the meter that you bought to measure hardness? I'm quite interested in this, and will be following this thread for further information. Thanks!
  17. Outside links are allowed if they are relevant to the topic at hand. Is that a recent change? I stopped posting content because I was told not to post urls? I think there was a misunderstanding somewhere. I think that personal websites/social media pages/blogs are not permitted (but perhaps may be permitted after consulting admin).
  18. Hi David, The abstract certainly makes it look interesting enough to warrant a full reading, but I will await that full reading before saying something. I do agree that keeping clean water is key to effective treatment, and is something that needs to be underscored.
  19. Glenn, what electronic meter are you getting? How accurate is it? May we see the link to it? It may be that the strip and drop test readings are inaccurate, but the same may be true of the electronic meter. As I said up above, there certainly are hardness detectors, but they are not cheap by any means.
  20. The abstract is interesting, because it suggests that treatments themselves will alter the host immune response by changing the patterns of expressions of chemokines (factors recruiting immune cells to sites of infection and elsewhere), pro or anti-inflammatory proteins, and other secreted factors of the immune system. The abstract also leaves open many questions, so much so that it's impossible to make any sensible conclusions unless you read the entire article. If you can get the full article, Sharon, will you please send it to me as well? Thanks!
  21. Could you please link me to this electronic gH meter that you ordered? The portable ones that I saw are somewhere around $1000, at least from a quick search on Amazon...
  22. Better not... Let the mods and helper take a look...I'm not so sure that it's ich from the looks of things, and I for one would want some more pics as well...
  23. How long have you had this set up? How are the fish? How long have they lived in the tank? Although there is a general trend to say that UGF are not the preferred filter types, I am also a pragmatist. If you have had this set up for years (like fingers) and it's working for you, then I don't know that I would want to disturb the system, despite the general disapproval of UGFs. On the other hand, if this set up is new and you have an opportunity to make changes, then I would make the change. Good luck!
  24. I think there are much cheaper means to improve gH, such as buying the gH booster kit from Green Leaf Aquarium. You might also want to bring the kH up as well. 60 ppm for either is still on the low to medium end of things. I would boost both up to about 150 ppm, if you want to boost at all.
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