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  1. Don't worry about worrying too much. Your paying attention to all the details really helps us to better assess his situation. I just wanted to address those points earlier head on so that we are on the same page, that's all.
  2. Hi, please forgive my being direct and somewhat blunt in summarizing as follows: 1. He may get a secondary infection, and may possibly die, but at this time, I do not think that adding any sort of meds is going to be good for him. I don't think his system is strong enough to take the stress and beating of meds, especially when we have no real basis to medicate, other than a fear that he might get infected. 2. He may still die from some other issues, such as damaged organs or gills, because we have no real way of assessing things. 3. He may be absolutely fine, and because of his close brush with death, he is going to take some time to resolve things. The white spots and the scales may or may not be indicative of some problem, but at this point, I do not think that it's indicative that we should take any sort of action to medicate. So, that's where we are. I think the scenario is 3, but you worry it's 1. I also sense that you want to treat him with something. Because he is your fish, in the end that is going to be a decision that we all will of course defer to you. Having said that, I can just again give you my own opinion that he seems to be doing well with the current approach, and nothing in his behavior has indicated otherwise. I would be happy to make suggestions for medications, but I don't even know what to suggest, because he is not showing any particular signs of infections. The only things I can suggest are general, very harsh, broad treatments, and those may very well kill him at this point. I'm sorry.
  3. Looks OK to me. The 0.1% salt should be fine for the BN, but if you really worry, go with half as much.
  4. Check your water parameters. I think you should still be fine with your usual regimen of WCs, and the 20% daily is just to help remove crud and other things.
  5. I think keeping the tank at 0.1% is a good idea, and now that Sharon concurs, I would move him back tomorrow to the main tank, with 20% WC daily. You could do more WCs, like twice a day, but for now, I would like to keep the water parameters from swinging too much, so 20% WC only at any given time.
  6. Considering that he might have spent a good number of hours drying out on the floor, he looks extremely good. The recovery period will be long, and I would wait for others like Sharon and other mod team members to weigh in, but I think he might be OK to go back to the main tank tomorrow. However, it is in his best interest for you to do a daily 20% WC for the foreseeable future.
  7. Also, if the salt is irritating the fish, he will react. Just as you would when you have an irritant bothering you.
  8. Looks very promising to me. Don't worry so much about infections at the moment. Just keep your water clean. I am thinking that he can probably go back in the main tank the day after tomorrow (the 4th day of the accident).
  9. I agree that for today, and tomorrow, feeding is not a priority. I would just hold off. Do you have pics or a video? I know it's really tough to just watch him and wanting to do more to help, but I think that in this case, he won't be able to handle anything more. He just needs to time to try to recover, and we are all sending healing wishes.
  10. Don't add HP, or Melafix. Melafix can do more harm than good at the moment, if his gills are currently damaged, and HP can help quickly add oxygen, if you actually need. I don't think you do, and adding the wrong amount of HP can be harmful as well. The only thing that is warranted right now is a clean and stress-free environment. The salt is about as far as one should do.
  11. Do you have a tank where you can leave him by himself? The tank should be aerated and Primed 1x, and you can add 0.1% pure salt. That's about it, and we cross our fingers. Be prepared to change out the water every 12-24 hours to keep the water parameters absolutely perfect. Good luck!
  12. Ms222. There is a new exotic animal vet show call dr k's exotic animal hospital or something like that and she did the fastest un sedated wenopsy, wenectomy? On a large Oranda. Snip snip and she was done. No anesthetic and the fish didn't even flinch.If you're ok doing a necropsy pithing might be something to study up on that way they are certainly brain dead even if the heart is beating. Goldfish hobbyists, one of the few who do their own necropsies. It's interesting how when it comes to zebrafish, though, MS-222 is thought to be the less humane (more stressful) method for euthanasia, as compared to the rapid chilling you've been discussing in this revived thread, because zebrafish can detect MS-222 and try to avoid it. I wonder if that is applicable to goldfish as well. http://www.nature.com/news/fish-kill-method-questioned-1.14768
  13. It doesn't look alarming to me, even though there are a lot of it. I think that it only becomes worrisome when it becomes red and ulcerates. You might want to get metronidazole + furan-2/bifuran to have on hand, though. Keep us updated.
  14. White spots are most likely areas of hyperplasia. I imagine that there are many causes to it, one of which may be fin flukes. However, don't keep trying to bombard the fish with prazi until the spots disappear. Even if it were flukes, I doubt the spots will disappear.
  15. Hi Sean, It's scary to have that happened, but it's fantastic that she recovered and is doing well. I hope she continues to do well indefinitely. Given the multiple locations, I would imagine that it will come back again at some point, but that it will only be a cosmetic thing will no additional burdens on her.
  16. Perhaps you might even hold off on medications at all for now, and try just clean water and judicious quantities of quality food. I get the impression that they have received a lot of treatments, and I would give them a break for now. Failing that, just salt to 0.2-0.3%
  17. This is without a doubt a major factor and needs to be taken into account. I don't know that I would go with 1.5%. It's too much, especially for this time of year. I would go with 0.5% and then see if there is growth, if the growth is at a reasonable pace, and then go from there. The rule for 1% for certain medicated foods is because that's the amount that's necessary to deliver the proper amount of meds to the fish. It's actually a lot of food, and not something that you should just jump into. Your water quality also may be affected.
  18. No...it's the mystery of MMs, it contains itself, and so much more besides.
  19. Curious...goldfish live in outside ponds in many tropical and subtropical countries, as well as odd places like Florida...
  20. Instead of TriSulfa, I would do Furan-2/metro The ingredients in MMs are: metro-meds, oxytetracycline, and Romet B...
  21. Looking forward to your future updates. Hopefully it will come with technical data and results, and not simply conclusions. I am a student of techniques, and would like to look into the technical aspects as well. Thanks!
  22. I do not agree with your conclusion that goldfish "like" cold water. Where did you get this information? Goldfish can live, and thrive, in a great range of water temps, but to say that goldfish like cold water is about as accurate as saying humans like cold temperatures or humans like warms temps.I think that it's really easy to generalize, but the truth is not so generalizable.
  23. Presence does not indicate pestilence. Absolutely, even the presence of pathogenic microbes doesn't establish causality.
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