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  1. The cloves are better, and you basically just want to soak for no more than 30 seconds. Remember the longer you soak, the more stuff will leech out of the meds.
  2. She can't. The nitrite is in her tap water (well water?). Mwahahahahaha... Thank you, Nina! In that case, you may have to just use the dose of salt I gave you on a permanent basis, or at least until the cycle can somehow cope with this level.
  3. The Chinese would strongly disagree with the contention that ranchu is Japanese. This is an excellent article on the subject, and about as definitive as I think of http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/topic/96285-the-differences-between-lionhead-and-ranchu/ Also, Jesse, there are other dorsal-less goldfish, such as the shukin.
  4. You get rid of it by doing water changes...
  5. There is also the review that I wrote many months ago in the reviews section.
  6. I don't know that peas is really as helpful as we'd all like for it to be. However, something along the line of veggies, fibers will be helpful I think. Fasting is always a good idea, until you have a good handle on whether you are feeding enough, too much, or too little I'd like for you to pay attention to how they are doing activity-wise, appetite, poop, and finally those red dots.
  7. Let's hold on the salt dip, please. I am not convinced that it's anything pathological, so let's just monitor closely for the next couple of days, OK?
  8. Phil, as I have stated before, and will state again, there is no intention of publicly embarrassing you. I understand very well that you are new to the forum, and so I inform of our standard practices. I did not place you at fault, but was merely discussing a procedural rule. I fail to see why you would choose to be embarrassed. Now, if you were to flagrantly flaunt the rules, despite repeated warnings, that's an entirely different matter. I would have have said so in my post as well. Please re-read my original message. I hope the matter has been thoroughly discussed by this point, and that there is no further misunderstandings of intent or embarrassment. Thank you.
  9. It seems to be the case. It's also possible that you lost your cycle. Let's take steps to ensure the fish's safety and wait to see if the cycle kicks back in a few days.
  10. How are the fish doing? The amount of salt I suggested should be fine for that amount of nitrites. However, I would like for you to get rid of that nitrite ASAP. I do know that there is a blizzard on the way, so be careful!
  11. Everyone's looking pretty good. Let's just give Raichu a couple more days, and then revisit both the scales and the red dots.
  12. Yes, please, post whatever you think will be helpful
  13. You'll know in the next three months if he's stunted, or just not having had much access to food.
  14. Bring it up to 3% please, so triple the amount used on the first day That's great about the poop. The reason I ask is that normal poop would indicate that he is not likely to have internal infections.
  15. As much as possible, mainly because if you do them too close together, than you might as well have done only one. I don't think that it's actually necessary to do twice a day dips, and I can't think of any situations where you might need that, except perhaps with columnaris, because of how fast it can grow.
  16. Things are looking pretty good. I'm going to have you do one more dip tomorrow, and then we will figure out the next step. Have you seen Nemo poop? If so, what does it look like? How is his appetite? I think you are doing a fantastic job, and the 20 gallon is fine. I have been looking at the other thread, and you are getting excellent advice.
  17. I'm sorry, Niki Give her a salt dip, if you can. Otherwise, I think she should be OK.
  18. There are two links in my signature on salt, and they will describe in more detail the kind(s) of salt you could use. Essentially, any salt (sodium chloride) that has no additives.
  19. You could be on to something here. It's harder for fish to go from hard back to soft water, but less so the other way around.
  20. I could definitely do that. It will be at about 9 am, though, so is that too soon? I'm not sure how much the dips need to be spaced out. I'm happy about how much better he looks already. It's not too soon. You can even do the salt dips twice a day when deemed necessary, so this is fine.
  21. He looks good. Why don't you just do another dip before you leave? It seems like he is healing up just fine.
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