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  1. So much angst in this thread! Goldfish has been bred and kept for more than several hundred years. Unfortunately, there is no going back now. It's a very profitable business, and that will not change any time. I'm not being defeatist, however. I can't stop the business, nor do I want to. What I can do is influence how things can be, such as making sure to pass the word along on basic principles of goldfish keeping. That's all we can do, but that's enough, I think. The prime example is the bowl. What was once a ubiquitous item is now something that even big chain stores will frown upon. So, let's keep at it, and improve the hobby as best as we can. And enjoy it at the same time.
  2. I have never noticed any issues with any of mine, but I also don't scrutinize for issues either.
  3. Chelsea, I pointed you guys to where the articles can be found. That's all I can do at this time. Note: I did not get into a stance about whether or when to use, but only that I believe that it can. How to use you must look up. So there is no argument. Enjoy reading!
  4. Is it as effective? I've heard a lot of people try fen only to have it come back and need lev I'm terrified of them after those horror stories Cat and Chelsea, It is not true that it can only be fed. Was there any reason provided by these forums? I did not bother with forums, but used the scientific database for it, where they treated the water. I have also treated with it in the water. And, I think you know this already...when discussing important things, let's not go with "I've heard such and such..." I don't mean to be disparaging (far from it), but this is how unfounded information gets disseminated like a brush fire. Since I know you guys are super careful with your information and your fish, it would be great to see the actual information and the rationale, whatever is available. Let's not forget that flubendazole as well as praziquantel can be used in feed and in the water. There is not immediate reason why fenbendazole cannot. That's not to say that there isn't, but if there is a reason, we need to evaluate it carefully. Here are some abstracts...There are full lengths papers with dose responses out there. You guys should look for them. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/23488766 http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/9491425 http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/10590928
  5. Is it effective against flukes? From what I can tell it's an internal wormer . . . I wouldn't use this as a replacement for prazi in new fish QT for flukes. Or am I reading the wrong info? It is effective against flukes, and it may be even better/safer. BUT, that part is not so well-settled. I do agree that unless there is good reason to replace Prazi, I would still with it. Bagho, I don't have access to the dosing schedule at the moment, and I can't devote time to looking for it. Sorry.
  6. Sharon, The reason you provided is nearly exactly the reason why we use salt during the initial QT, and I can tell you that we used to make this big distinction between "trustworthy" vendors and those of unknown repute. Those who are trustworthy are trusted breeders and those like Dandy Orandas, where at least in the case of DO, it was simply JUST observation for 4-6 weeks. I just wanted to say that salt was used because of ich, but that's not the only reason. There are other pests that salt also takes care of, and the idea is that salt is innocuous enough that using it during QT is not an issue. As far as I know, it still is not an issue, despite the mythological hype about liquid prazi and salt. There is something to be said about having a uniform system of QT. The drawback of course is that sometimes when institutional memory is gone, we have no idea why we chose to set on a certain course to begin with.
  7. Here's how I read the response. If you have freshwater tanks, don't use salt at higher than 0.2%, because it's problematic for reasons we can't say. BUT, if you have 3.0% salt or more in your system, then it's perfectly fine again. No sense, you do make, oh company.
  8. Marine salt does have a different composition, but at the very base of it, even marine salt contains NaCl, the very stuff that supposedly interferes with Prazipro. So, let's take this one step at a time: 1) the company says that the product doesn't work with salt, but yet markets the same product for saltwater treatment. This is an inconsistency 2) many many of us of use Prazipro WITH salt, and the combo seems to work fine. It's true that most of us don't actually check for flukes under the scope, but we do see cessation of symptoms. Simply put, I have trouble believing this assertion, based on the own experience, and from the nonsensical answer. But of course, use of salt is always optional, and so you can always leave it out. And then of course use of liquid praziquantel is also optional, since we have a variety of other options. It's times like this that I feel like perhaps we should just throw the bottle away and buy powder or tablets, since THOSE are not finicky and even are thought to be more effective. But of course, we are all just working in hypotheticals.
  9. Gosh, Happy Birthday, Waldo! Everyone looks great! I think it's almost time for me to transplant them to my tank!
  10. Perfect! I hope everything will work out well. I think it will. More recently, there has been a distinction that has been emphasized between unilateral and bilateral popeyes. In the former, this is more likely the result of injury and infection, and something like Tetracycline may do the trick (I tend to prefer some other meds, if it were goldfish). If both eyes are affected, then it really is more like dropsy, in which case on of the meds used in treatment needs to be metronidazole.
  11. And this is a big reason why we recommend 100% WCs during treatments. We want to build into the treatment protocols practices that eliminate the possibility of inadvertently leaving in meds that could generate toxic degradation products. The ammonia/nitrite concern is really more for goldfish. In the case of bettas, the concern of the water being fouled is not really present. BUT, the concern of meds losing potency, and in the case of the cyclines, breaking down into toxic intermediates, is a real one, regardless of the fish. All tetracycline family members are light sensitive, although minocycline (Maracyn 2) is much less so. I would recommend that you cover the tank, or take measures to limit light exposure during treatment time with Tetracycline. It is also important to change the water and replace the meds every 2 days. Kiara, perhaps the logic is now understandable to you. Good luck, and let us know how things go.
  12. I am have both a Fluval and a SunSun. The Fluval is so much better made, but the SunSun is so much cheaper lol. They both work quite decently. I don't actually know that one works better or worse than the other.
  13. Let's add to the water as per instructions AND feed. Unless you are feeding 1% metro in the food, at 1% body weight daily, you are not delivering the optimal amount of metronidazole orally. Fins crossed.
  14. If you can keep nitrates at 30 with what you have been doing, that should be fine.
  15. Why is there nitrite in the tank? Is this a newly cycled tank? For the time being, let's aim to have 1 level teaspoon of pure salt per 10 gallons of water in the tank. This will block the harmful effects of the nitrite. Maintain this level of salt until your tank cycle has caught up. Then remove salt. What is your nitrate level? I am one of those people who love big water changes and often, but given your pH, this may not be possible to do without aging the water beforehand.
  16. You can use the 20. The cost here will be that you'll have to use twice as much meds, but if you are OK with that, this is absolutely fine.
  17. I'm actually thinking that you will need at least twice than much, but we shall see. For now, let's do 3-4 pellets each per meal, and aiming for 3 meals a day?
  18. For now, let us stay the course and see what happens in the next few days on Metro-meds. Have you tried to feed them yet today? I am hoping that now that they are in the main tank, they will be able to eat better.
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