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  1. Observe and do nothing for now, but do update us. See if you can get bifuran or furan-2 to keep on hand.
  2. Until you do a WC, the meds do not need to be replenished.
  3. Let's give the metro a couple more days to take effect. What do you use to neutralize ammonia? Is it Prime by any chance? If it is, I'd like for you to add a dose to the tanks, please. I am not particularly concerned about the dilated blood vessels in the fins. This can happen with medications.
  4. Let's take some pics tomorrow? I am also very interested to see what has happened to those red spots, if anything. Thanks!
  5. Let's keep things as they are, and update daily, and we will go from there. When you update, not the total amount of days they have been in each med, if you would, please.
  6. It doesn't matter...what matters most at this point is: 1) crack-free tanks 2) all tanks have 100% new water after water change, since it's day 4 anyways 3) appropriate new meds added to the tanks
  7. that's ok, pOdge - 40L - was 33g 4 days ago 2 prazi tablets 1 200 metro 2 measures kanaplex 2tsp Epsom salts Louie - 13L - was 6g 4 days ago (I'll disinfect pOdges 16L and pop Louie in it tomorrow) 1 prazi tablet 1 measure kanaplex 3tsp rock salt - 0.1% Have you been checking your water parameters? I'm assuming that these tanks are uncycled? How many days total has Podge been in metro? I'd like for you to do a 100% WC and redose today, please. Hang in there.
  8. I'm sorry...let's just keep track of exactly the present time. What meds went in today? Thanks
  9. You should be able to upload to photobucket. I hope that it will go more smoothly for you.
  10. I wouldn't worry about that right now, and just focus on maintaining great water quality.
  11. How are things, Ree? Have you started the treatment?
  12. Let's hold off on replacing the kanaplex tonight. Once you have decided on the tank situation, you can add the metro, kana, and epsom together to start a new treatment cycle.
  13. How long have you been using the kanaplex? For now, let's use the metronidazole at 200 mg/10 gallons (or 200 mg/40L). One tablet is 200 mg. The dosage of the Epsom is fine.
  14. You must do what you feel most comfortable, but most fish pathogens cannot persist without fish. So, if your tank is simply all those plants and no fish for 4 weeks, that is quite enough. I wouldn't go through all the efforts to sterilize. I don't think you would gain anything from going through all those extra steps. Good luck, whatever you decide to do.
  15. Some friend you are to not invite us!
  16. I think that even with a bigger container, daily water changes are still a must. the 15L is too small, and with that, you really would want to change twice a day, and that's a lot of tedious work. The container can be just any sort of bin you can buy at the stores. Can you tell me the concentrations of the meds? That way, I can get some calculations done, before we get to the containers... Hang in there.
  17. Hello, I can help, but I really think we want a bigger tank than that. Is it possible to get something like a 30L plastic tub of some sort? Also, what are the forms and concentrations of the meds? Thanks.
  18. There are other ways to help facilitate the prazi go into solution, from using a little bit of Castille soap to a little bit of vodka. I think those methods do work, but I also have found that as long as you shake well enough, it should eventually go into solution in the tank. Since we expect the prazi will be in the tank and working for a few days, this should be just fine. The key is to make sure your tablets are ground into fine powders, but after that, it should be OK.
  19. Potassium permanganate is fine for purpose such as this, but really...I assume the ich is long gone if it was treated properly. We'll wait for the OP to fill us in with a bit more details, and then make a firm recommendation.
  20. How long have you had the tropical setup? Any history of diseases or deaths in the tank, especially recently? If you've had the tropical tank for a while, I would not consider doing anything.
  21. I think you are confusing skepticism with disinterest. I look at almost everything with skepticism, simply because that helps to ensure that I don't readily just believe something because I just want to believe it, and have no other basis. I would argue that it's actually skepticism that leads to the sorts of studies that mean anything. People who think that they already know something, or are so convinced of it, either don't bother to perform these studies, or they won't do a good job of it. This is what "preaching to the choir" refers to. So, what I am saying is that I don't disbelieve you, but I am saying that as of the present, the current biological knowledge does not support the idea that goldfish and dogs are behaviorally similar, or similarly complex.
  22. Goldfish can be trained, just as humans can be trained. Goldfish are capable of memory, and so are humans. I don't know if there is anything instructive to conclude from these observations. It's easy to make a comparison, but that doesn't mean we should. In my experience, when it's easy to do something is when we should be a little bit skeptical...this is especially true with our penchant to anthropomorphize everything.
  23. Chelsea,Your science education and knowledge should tell you differently. Behaviorally, they are NOT the same. Even assuming that all goldfish can do all the things that you've described your fish can do, that is still a far cry from some of the things that dogs, who actually are co-evolving with us, can do. In so many ways, one might compare dogs to a small 2.5 year old child in terms of emotions http://moderndogmagazine.com/articles/which-emotions-do-dogs-actually-experience/32883 I don't think that the science will support anything remotely close to that with fish. We might all want to think that they can, but I think that reality is just a tad different. For now.
  24. As someone who loves both fish and dogs, and who has a dog, I have an extreme and visceral reaction to the statement that fish and dogs are the same. They simply are not. Let's put it really crudely: I might be willing to give my fish away, or even sell them, but you would have to kill me to take Dash. The fact that I consider them that way by no means says anything about how they should be cared. I would like to think that all my animals are beyond spoiled.
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