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  1. Sounds like you have a bad case of parking rage!
  2. You would have to ask Koko for permission to start a raffle, and as a condition, you would have to limit the raffle to 18 and older.
  3. I told Tammy to tell Jenna to get 2!
  4. May I acquaint you to post #1507? ???????? I have bad news Read post 1507
  5. Didn't Tammy pass my specific instructions for you, to you? I'm guessing not!! Some friend she is!
  6. Didn't Tammy pass my specific instructions for you, to you?
  7. A 9 hour light cycle isn't likely to change much in the scheme of things of your tank, I don't think. The other option is to get a timer, and have the lights come on when people are home and enjoying the tank.
  8. I think you can go ahead and add some Epsom, if you like. As for the extra slime coat, that should go away once the irritant (flukes etc) is eliminated.
  9. If is rot, you should have seen in by now, just as you would with a fungal infection. Will you share with us how you thought you might have that? I agree that a video and updated pics will be very helpful. Hang in there.
  10. Amanda, the seven hours is not a maximum by any means, and in many ways, that number is set to offset the possibility of promoting algal growth etc., as well as providing rest time for the fish. http://www.popsci.com/blog-network/our-modern-plagues/do-plants-sleep
  11. I honestly haven't tested it. I know, I'm bad. But I made the same assumption you did based on how horribly my water does this. I just checked haha. It's 285 ppm.
  12. Gorgeous! Your water must have a very decent gH (and probably kH) for all those waterspots.
  13. For the newer KGW members who may not be aware, I believe that these fish are the oldest living goldfish (living in a tank) from a KGW member. It's fantastic to read about them every time, and I hope that they have many more years to go!
  14. Lisa has given you the eye of approval!
  15. Hello, I'm sorry you had such a huge problem, and I hope that it's gone now. Usually, when there is a major fish kill in a closed system, my first suspicion would be on the water, and the changes that might happen. Your concerns about the decorations are also really valid, and like Helen and FF1 said, it doesn't look like ich that killed the fish, but something brought along with the decos. I've always liked your idea of using the crushed coral as part of the substrate. In that case, it's enough to actually make a difference, and will provide tons of space for BB colonization, as well as increasing gH.
  16. I agree with Lisa that once we get this issue settled, you should switch to assembling your own non-carbon filter media. It's cheaper, more robust, and is extremely customizable.
  17. Don't keep us guessing, Chels! Who bought them? Was it Jason? I need to know so I can beat him for beating me to buying these gorgeous fish!
  18. Both of Georgia's posts are excellent and extremely informative.
  19. As for the filter and the old tank, I would like for you to throw in some foods to the tank, and then vacuum it out every 2-3 days. This is so that we can continue to "feed" the bio-filter while the fish are not there.
  20. Anytime! As long as the temp is in the high 60s or 70s, we are in good shape. One of the reasons why temps may need to be in a certain range is if we are feeding medicated foods, we want the temp in a good range to promote metabolism of the drugs. You use Seachem Prime as the water conditioner, right? If that's the case, I would like for you to add 1 dose of Prime to the QT tank to help detoxify any ammonia that might crop up. Then, on Monday, please do a 100% WC, add conditioner, and then replace the meds. We are going to continue that trend of replacing meds every 2 days after 100% WC, and adding Prime on the non-WC days. This will go for 10 days, possibly to 14. I know the situation with George is now entirely up to fate, but I have seen fish come back from much worse, actually. So, we shall continue to think good healing thoughts, and hope for the very best of outcomes.
  21. I'm so sorry As we move on, I just wanted you to know that we are going to try to do all that we can to help, but given how sick they are, I'm not sure that we will make it in time. Having said that, let's go ahead and add both the GC and the furan to the QT (with fresh water + conditioner), with the dosage according to the instructions. Let me know once you've done that. Hang in there!
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