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  1. And don't panic even if they don't eat the next day. Goldfish can fast (when necessary) for up to a week, or more. So, we hope that the medicine will take effect and allow them to regain their appetites sooner rather than later.
  2. I'm watching the thread, but as Lisa has been extremely helpful and willing to provide suggestions, etc., I simply observe most of the time. I'm glad that there has been improvement! It's fantastic!
  3. Hello and welcome! We certainly would not get mad if you post in the "wrong" forum; we would simply move it to where it will get the most appropriate help/comments. In addition to answering the questions in the form that Mikey had posted, a video showing this behavior would be most helpful. Thanks!
  4. I forgot for a moment it's puffers. No worries, if necessary, the water can be treated!
  5. Jess, we've worked out a substitute for the Jungle anti-parasite that I think actually is better than those unpalatable pellets. If you ever want them, just ask Helen. She has the latest recipe. Lisa, and where are YOUR puffers?
  6. Hi Mike, I'm sorry your fish is having issues...could you access the form in my sig and answer them? We would also need pics and/or a video, if you could please. Thanks!
  7. Mine are feeling inadequate. They don't have names.
  8. Good luck, Jamie. You are getting fantastic help from our esteemed moderator, Helen, and I am glad your fish appears to be doing well. May this trend to continue to all the worrisome spots are gone. I do agree that it's nice to have a nice stock of the necessary treatments, should you ever need it. There are a number of threads on the forum on what constitutes a good medicine chest for goldfish, and I recommend that you take a look at them. Of those, metronidazole powder, as well as Metro-Meds, are absolute lifesavers. If you wanted to go ahead and buy the other thing that is suggested above, I would go ahead and buy Bifuran, or furan-2. This medication contains the necessary active ingredient nitrofurazone to treat for a lot of external issues. I would not get nitrofuracin green, which is nitrofurazone + malachite green. Malachite green is a strong suspect to cause cancer and other toxicities, and this has been demonstrated in other animals. In today's world, where there are already so many toxins and other harmful chemicals around, I personally just make a choice of trying to limit my exposure to these when I can. This instance is one of those times where there are options. Good luck, and I hope to read of fantastic updates in the near future.
  9. I've considered Vitamin C as well, but since I still have 1.25 kg of Safe to go through AFTER all my Prime, it will be a while LOLOL Thanks for the tip on the scoop, Rob!
  10. That is so awesome. I am a huge fan of BNs, and of plecos in general.
  11. Safe is essentially Prime, and still can be given 4x the original dosage, as per the website. I just went to the Seachem website to copy over the directions, and it appears they have simplified it further, which is a good thing. The instructions are now: So, if you have a 20 gallon tank, and you are just using it to do routine removal of chlorine/chloramine in the water, you would use a little less than a scoop. If you are trying to remove ammonia, you would use about 3.5 scoops. I actually have the old directions on the bottle, and those actually tell you how much chlorine/chloramine/ammonia is treated with a certain amount of Safe.
  12. Lol. Why am I not surprised. Do you also have gallon tubs of safe? Don't ask. I have a 1 kg bottle and a 250 gram bottle. #notahoarder Safe is quite good if: 1) you know exactly why you need to add conditioner, whether that's to remove chlorine, chloramine, and/or ammonia/nitrite. Using this does require that you have a good working knowledge of which of these products you have in your water. You dose according to what you need, instead of a general dosage that Prime uses. 2) you don't mind mixing right when you do water changes. This may necessitate that you have a jeweler's scale so that you can go under a gram. But you will save much, and have the advantage of only adding exactly what you need and no more.
  13. I have my bottles of Safe all set and ready to use, as soon as I am done with my gallon bottle of Prime!
  14. Great advice from everyone! Good luck, Cindi! Don't worry so much, and enjoy your vacation!
  15. I am so pleased with Sean's BNs. If you ever wanted some, get them.
  16. Well, you don't need to act, if you are already.
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