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  1. I think they also sell replacement filter pads, although I've actually never bought one.
  2. It's about a super secret project that Chelsea knows about.
  3. Is that the thing that has two wires soldered to it?It's the little white thing I was talking about. It's just a little felt pad. That's the pump filter (pad)
  4. Super secret project? mikey wants in on this one Don't try, Mikey. If you ask Chelsea, she will have to kill you before she even tells you. :O
  5. Nah. He couldn't figure out how to do it and wanted to copy your work. This is it! :rofl Justin, there is no question that using Safe give some amount of savings over the course of using it, especially now that Seachem has simplified their directions. I just don't think that the amount of savings is really that much, for this reason: The regular dose of Seachem Prime is actually enough to neutralize 5ppm of chlorine and 4ppm of chloramine. This means that in normal circumstances when you know how much chlorine you have in the tap, you can stand to add much less. In this case, for me, I need only add 1/3 of the recommended amount. However, I make it a habit of adding 1/2, which is still enough to block 2.5 ppm chlorine (my tap only has 1.25 ppm chlorine max at any given time). Going by your calculations (which I haven't checked by the way), the savings is now $1/year. I want to say that I am not discouraging anyone from using Safe. Far from it. I have quite a bit of it myself. But, seriously, you are not really saving much money, unless you having very large ponds and tanks. Instead of using Safe or Prime, if you want to try something new/different, use Vitamin C, as Professor Shakaho has posted earlier. That's a really neat thing, and I recommend it highly.
  6. I don't underestimate them; I have the 55 model for years now and the flow from that thing is insane when the water level drops...makes a nice torrent of current across the surface... It also seems to work a lot better in mechanical filtration than my AquaClear 110 if you can believe that (I'm about to start a thread about this) -- seems the 110 never picks anything up in its sponge when I rinse it out in removed tank water, while the carbon cartridges of the Aqueon normally release really brown, gunky debris when I rinse them... But yeah, people definitely underestimate the Aqueons and really poo-poo them on all the sites as being "cheap," "for amateurs only" and other such nonsense which I totally disagree with (I mean, look at my avatar!)... What IS in your avatar, CT?
  7. If you don't like to switch back to pellets, don't. At least for the short term, the meat pie looks fine to me. I promise that I will try to get the super secret project going ASAP, and will include you in it. BUT, you have to push me to get this going, please.
  8. Salt dips have killed fish in the past, although very rarely. This is why we always make sure that people try a test run with 1% or even 0.5% first, as well as doing a thorough check of gills prior to salt dipping. I'm so sorry you lost one, and I hope the others will continue to be OK, Stratton. How are they acting now?
  9. It really is. And those were the hikari worms. Dry ice is expensive. That's a very high percentage of shipping costs. Something was clearly off to me.
  10. That's nasty. I wonder if you got bad worms to start. I have only done with this Hikari stuff, and have never had issues.
  11. Why do you need to throw them out if they happen to thaw? As long as the stay cold? That should not be an issue. I've had people add meds to FBW, feed what they need, and then put the rest in the fridge, to use over the course of 2-3 days each time.
  12. Cindi, that's very good news, and I think that it may warrant putting her a every other day diet plan, with perhaps even smaller amounts of food. This means that there is little chance that she gain weight, but I think that's a good trade-off to minimize these symptoms.
  13. There's no need to pick up more Furan-2. I think we are done with that when you are done with the dose.
  14. Sounds like you had a secondary bacterial infection. I'm sorry. With the living one, I think that you should continue your QT process. If there is any change, don't chalk it off. Let us know right away.
  15. Hydrogen peroxide for extra oxygen in a fish tank? I've done (what I thought was) plenty of lurking over the last few years on Koko's, and I've never ever ever heard of this or anything close. Is this an accepted practice? Is it harmful? Huh. This can be done in extreme emergencies, but not something that should be done. I can't think of (m)any situation that would warrant this.
  16. And let us get back on topic...there is only one female BN from a series of fantastic batches of albino BNs from Acro. Someone should step up quickly and adopt her!
  17. Hi Amanda, There are a number of reasons for/against carbon, but the argument that carbon leeches out the impurities once it's full is largely unfounded. The process by which carbon binds to impurities is a chemical process, and it take some other active process to reverse this bond, such as extreme heat or pH. http://www.lenntech.com/library/adsorption/adsorption.htm http://www.wikiwand.com/en/Activated_carbon CT, I think when the sponge gets to be like that, it's disintegrating on you, and it's time for a new one. You will find that a new one will have lots of stuff stuck to it, compared to the old.
  18. Good choice of meds to order. Does she continue to have a good appetite? Will you weigh her as soon as you get a chance? Thanks
  19. May we have some update pics, and a video, if possible? Lisa, I am not particularly concerned at this time about the bubbles, but am asking for new pics to see. Thank you for having stayed so well on top of this thread (and others)! I would like to remind everyone that this is first and foremost a D&D thread, and until we reach satisfactory resolution (which is 100% health for the fish), let's strive to stay on topic. Reds, I am very happy with the continued improvements.
  20. Hello, thanks for answering the questions, and for supplying the picture. From your description, and from the pic, it doesn't appear to be anything harmful. I am not quite sure what it is, but I am confident that it doesn't pose risk of harm to your fish. In that regard, I would not try to treat it, because such attempts may actually cause harm. Welcome to the forum.
  21. You're right. Now is not a good time. I usually order when temps are consistently below 60F
  22. Chelsea, I get about 10 pounds of frozen foods from Ken's Fish for about $100, including shipping.
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