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  1. 48 long 12 wide 17 tall. I only measured up to the water line.

    I don't know why this tank is labeled a 55. I just went to measure my 55, From the insides, it's 48 length, 12.5 width, and 20.5 water height. Using your calculator, that's 53 gallons. This doesn't include my canister, and the two filters. Between the filters, that's another easy 2 gallons.

  2. Aw...I'm sorry to hear that, Angie. It sounds like you really thought things through, and are doing what you need to do. I'm sorry to see the goldfish go, but you still have fish, and you have your other pets. We expect you to be active in all the forums still, including the goldfish ones. What you know doesn't just vanish when you decide not to have goldfish anymore :)

    On a different note, my uncle's been trying to convince me to turn one of the big tanks into an oscar tank :rofl

    Tempting, but no. :P

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