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  1. In Latin the 'C' is always hard, so his name should technically be pronounced 'Cow-duh' He's really pretty I hope he's with you a long time Really? Hmm thats strange, because I speak Romanian, and the word for tail is Cauda, but we pronounce it "Qwa-duh" Oh, well. I'll call him Tail in Romanian anyway xD Thanks! I hope he is too.
  2. Thank you! He's really small compared to all the others at the store.. I wonder what he will look like in a month...
  3. Thank you everyone for your kind comments! Really, dragon scaling? That is neat!
  4. Thanks! Yeah he's patrolling around the tank right now. hehehe. Alright, so he has a name now! Caeruleus Cauda. " The Latin equivalent of 'blue' is Caeruleus. That's a masculine gender adjective. The adjectives 'caerulea' and 'caeruleum' are the feminine and neuter gender equivalents, respectively. The Latin adjective is used in terms of the blueness of salt and fresh waters, skies, and other blue-colored objects. " " A tail in Latin is cauda. " I call him Cauda for short (Qwa-duh)
  5. LOL I would, but I have no more space for tanks in my room. I have a 20 gal, 10 gal and this 3 gal. If I had anymore fish I think my parents would go crazy! xD I love bettas, If I had the choise, I would go and buy all of them and give them all lovely separate tanks. I saw a perfect 5 gallon tank at goodwill today and wanted to buy it but didnt because I have no where to put it.
  6. Thanks! Yes there was one halfmoon there, it was very pretty as well!
  7. So as some of you know, I've been wanting a Betta fish for a while now. I've had my baby guppies in a 3 gallon eclipse tank and they finally grew to a big enough size so I knew their mommies wouldn't eat them. After getting a few Java ferns for each tank, I decided I would soon get a Betta. Today afterschool my friend and I went to pet*smart just to look around. It's not that far away, about a 30 minute walk from where I live, so we decided to go look around the other stores there as well. When I looked at the Betta section, I fell in love with him. My friend bought him for me! I'm so happy! I told my friend that he can name him, so I'm waiting for him to decide on a name.
  8. At pets*mart, they keep all male and female bettas seperated in cups, while at another LFS, they keep females in a tank together...
  9. That's so cool! I seriously love goldfish! All my friends think they are boring.
  10. Wow that is interesting about the cup thing! Shows how smart they are! I've noticed that too, if I'm sitting in my computer chair and turn around so I can face my goldfish, they don't react. If I move around a bit , they go nuts!
  11. I was just wondering if anyone knew how well a goldfish can see, given that they are healthy goldfish with no problems, or no wen to cover their eyes. Do they see in color? Is it blurry? Can they see things from a distance?
  12. What is that floating plant you have called? I need to get some. xD
  13. Wow! Your fish is simply adorable! Reminds me of a bald newborn human baby for some reason... o_ o
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