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  1. Here are a couple pics of the fish in the tank, the ones that would somewhat cooperate with the camera anyway. Two of the smaller fish, no names on these guys yet. Norbert, my oldest fish right now. Uncle Fester I named this guy Fargo cus his red cap looks like a fargo hat and its like that on both sides. And Pepitos, his wen is finally starting to fill out.
  2. The water is skimmed off the top and then drains down, so if the power goes off the tank will only drain till it drops below the skimmer. And as for gravel vacuum. The top I built is super light and I can remove it very easily when I need to.
  3. And that will help with clarity as well?
  4. Yea, I know my UV isnt doing much, I only have approx 180 gph going through it but its better than nothing i think, lol. The UV is from my old 55G but the box says it is good for up to a 135G tank. But I guess they arnt talking about a goldfish tank . also, on the right hand side of the tank, at the top you can see a piece of drift wood floating, how long will those usually take to get waterlogged and sink. I had it in my old tank but took it out and it dried out.
  5. Thanks guys. And for my filtration system I have a mag drive pump rated at 1200 gph. But with the head height I have and with friction loss Im guessing Im somewhere around 950 gph. I took my 29G and silicon-ed in 2 barriers, one for the bio-ball half and another to divide off the pump section. I used the same acrylic to make a drip plate with holes drilled 1 inch apart to fall on the bio balls. The bio-balls are 1 inch balls (boy those arnt cheap for what they are, lol) The pump output is teed off for the front output and rear output. The front output is teed off again to divert some of the water into the UV filter. I also plumbed in a gate valve to control the flow through the UV filter.
  6. Today i finished my 100G tank setup. Last fall i bought the acrylic tank on craigslist for cheap, it was very scratched. I spent a week sanding and polishing it (not a fun job). I used and old 29G tank as a wet/dry filter with 6 gallons of bio-balls. I also made a LED array for lighting out of 6 high power LEDs, and aluminum heat sink and an old computer power supply. Here is a pic of the 2x4 skeleton of the stand. And a completed view of the stand, before staining and varnishing. Here are my homemade outputs I designed to hide behind the canopy. Here is the plumbing in the stand. There is a 9 watt UV filter hooked up to 1 of the outflows. Here is a picture of inside the canopy, with the LED array and outflow lines. And the finished product, i really like how it turned out!
  7. I just checked my ph, its 7.2, not 6.5.
  8. I think my issue is when the occasional pellet gets into the wet/dry filter. It just sits with the bio balls forever. I'll have to put some filter media to catch it before it can get into the drip tray and bioballs. I only have a quarter inch of gravel in the tank, just enough to cover the bottom. As for my ph, I could be way off on my guess. I'll have to check when I get home, I do know it stays the same as my tap water though. I really don't even check my ph anymore, after months and months of checking it with no change I got apathetic and lazy with that test.
  9. Yea, that looks pretty close. Thank you sir.
  10. I'm away from home for the Easter weekend, so I don't have some of the specifics. Ammonia and nitrites are 0. Can't remember nitrates, ph is 6.5 if I remember correctly. can't remember brand test kit. Tank has been running for 4 months. The filter is a wet/dry filter I made myself from a 29 gallon tank. Water changes once a week-ish . So% change. Water change was today. 5 fish, approx 4-5 inches each. No water additives, well water. Feed pro gold twice a day, sinking pellets but some float and make it into overflow box and get caught in wet dry filter. And I don't think my camera would be able to take a picture or video of such a small thing, they are really small. But I can try when I get home in a few days.
  11. Hi, today I noticed tiny (1-2 mm) worms floating in the water. They drift with the current, wiggling really fast every few seconds. There are no worms on the 5 fish in the 100 gallon tank. And none of the fish have any symptomswhatsoever. All are swimming and eating, and seem healthy. There have not been any new fish added to the tank in 5 to 6 months. All the water parameters are good, and water is approximately 65 degrees. There's no salt in the water. They are too small to be mosquito larva. Anyone know what they are?
  12. Hello, I just picked up a 100G acrylic tank I found on craigslist and am almost done converting an old 29G tank into a wet dry filter. My question is about LED lights for aquariums, Im seeing them on some of the online sites. How are they in Goldfish tanks? Do they supply enough light in a wide enough wavelength to prevent goldfish from losing their color? And has anybody ever tried making their own LED lighting? The ultrabright LEDs seem pretty cheap, 100 for 5$. Thanks!
  13. Hey. I’ve been thinking about upgrading my 55 gal tank to a 75 gal recently so I’ve been keeping my eye on craigslist for any good deals. I recently found a 130 gal with a lot of high quality “extras” (UV filter, LED lighting, ect.) but the list said that he found a slow leak in one corners of the tank and he didn’t want to mess with it. How much trouble is it to repair a leaking tank? Is it a as simple as putting some silicone in the corner or is it a lot bigger process than that and it wouldn’t be a great idea to buy the tank? Thanks for your input!
  14. Hello, I’m in the process of upgrading my tank to a 75 gallon and I’ve been doing some research into wet/dry filters. They seem pretty straightforward and easy to make. I have a couple questions on the mechanics of these systems though. One thing I noticed is that no system I’ve seen uses a siphon straight from the tank into the filter below, they seem to be using a short siphon from the tank, into a small box behind the tank, then simply drains from that box down into the system. My question is, is there anything about the mechanics of a wet/dry filter stopping a person from siphoning straight from the tank all the way down to the system? I can’t seem to understand the need for the box outside the tank with a drain down to the start of the filter. My next question is would the filter work with a system that doesn’t use a skimmer box, but instead uses a box constructed with a tube in the bottom, resembling an intake tube from most other canister or HOB filters? That way all the water being pulled into the siphon has to come from the bottom of the tank. The intake of the siphon is still surrounded by a box but the water is coming from the bottom and not skimmed off the top. Also the intake of the siphon is placed at the “safety level” where if the water level of the tank drops below that level the siphon is “broken” and it stops “sucking” water into the system (in the event of a power outage for example). Again, I might be missing something in the mechanics of this type of system for the above ideas not to work. Thank you!
  15. Nah, I just peaked into one of the inlets quick to see if the light was on. It just seemed dull and kind of flickery.
  16. Thanks for the info guys. Yea, I got the number on my canister filter wrong, goldfish chris was right, it was a magnum 350. The UV I went with was an Aqua Medic Helix Max UV Sterilizer 9W. I think I have it all plumbed up right with your guys advise. Thanks. Another quick question I have now is how bright is a UV bulb supposed to be? The one in my sterilizer doesn?t seen that bright to me, don?t know if that?s the way they are supposed to be of if I have a bad unit. Also, that?s a heck of a filtration system in that video Linda Von G posted. Looks like you could put a dead cat in that tank and still have great water quality. lol
  17. Hello, I have recently started my 55G tank back up and I decided to upgrade its filtration. I decided on a UV filter, I was originally going to get an all-in-one UV sterilizer but the only one I could really find had a ton of bad reviews, so I went with an in-line UV filter. My question is can I pipe it into the tubing from my canister filter (penguin 550), and if so would it be better to pipe it in the intake tube or outlet tube? Or do I need to get its own pump? I would like to just use the existing canister filter pump but will it reduce the efficiency too much on both filters? Thank You
  18. bigjk


    Hello, I am installing a roughly 3500 gallon koi pond, circular, 11 feet in diameter, and 5 feet deep. I have read many different opinions on what capacity my pump and filtration system should hold. Ive read that the entire pond's volume should go through the system once and hour, and i have also read that it should be once every 3-4 hours. What should I be planning on for a pump, 4000GPH or under 2000GPH? Thanks
  19. Thanks guys, and I just saw the pinned topic at the top of the board on uv filters, should have looked harder.
  20. Hey, Quick question about UV filters, I am thing about getting one for my 55gal tank. I have had the tank for about two three years now and aside from the inevitable swim bladder problems all my goldfish get after they get to be about seven inches long and soon after die from , the fish in the tank have no other problems. Would it do some good or would it be unnecessary? Thank You
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    My pond had been pea soup this whole summer and I could not get rid of it. I then bought Microbe-lift pl and nothing happened for the first month but then two days after the fourth treatment the water cleared up over night. Microbe-lift pl works great you just have to wait a while.
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