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  1. It's fabric I'm going to use for a bag I'm making. My little one thought it would look nice so we folded and pressed it to fit the back of the tank. I think it looks like Damask wallpaper you see in European castles etc. I'll not have it up for long, I'm excited to get sewing!
  2. What a sweet guy! He is going to surprise Leroy when he gets back from the hospital tank! I really like how it turned out!
  3. Oh my stars and garters! The cuteness! I'm smitten!
  4. So clear! Like they've been photoshopped but instead shining naturally. Most cool!
  5. I'm with Fang! Those bellies!!! Wish I was treasured for my belly! I'm totally jealous!
  6. So Purdy! Lovely shots! I'm totally jealous!
  7. Oh I enjoyed your photos very much!! You take lovely pictures of your beauties! I really like Henry. What a face!
  8. Lola_Granola

    My tank

    Absolutely stunning!!! You have such a peaceful tank filled with beauties! Thanks for sharing!
  9. What a handsome devil! Your photos and captions are perfect! I giggled!
  10. Congratulations on your new friends! They are both equally lovely. And cute peek-a-boo friend too!
  11. Oh I want to go there and peace out! So lovely! Thanks for sharing!
  12. Oh my goodness she is stunning! She wears her pearls so nicely! Just like Eleanor Roosevelt!
  13. So cute Fang!!!! You are such a good fish mama!! Seeing your ranchu makes me want to look for a bigger tank! Must. Resist.
  14. Absolutely gorgeous!!! I love how they see you over in the corner filming and dance over for food!
  15. Thanks Alex! Sorry for the drive by message earlier, I had exactly 5 minutes before I had to run out of the door for our next activity of the day. Leroy is still swimming and eating ok. The redness in his gill areas is about the same, but the black areas around his "chest" are darker. Let's just say, I'm super glad the MM's came and in and super thankful to have you on our team! I lobbed a few soaked pellets his way after counting out the sixteen and out the door we ran! Thanks again!
  16. Well, MM's came this afternoon! We weighed Leroy and he is 40 grams.
  17. They were having a little goldfish rave in there! Lovely fish! You must be waterchangin' all the time to have so many happy pretties in there!
  18. Shazam! What a transformation!!!! I bow toward your hemisphere Sir, you should be commended for your great service to this very lucky and now stunning Captain Quarantine!
  19. Kukana! So nice to see you, and look at those two beauties! How lucky they are to have you!!! You are such a sweetie, I've always thought so...and I'm unanimous in that!
  20. What a great idea! I use Emerald sometimes and always hate the mess. Sometimes it leaves an icky ring around the water line of my QT.
  21. Beauties all! I can't decide which I like more!
  22. Thanks you guys! Of course I'm partial to thinking Little B is a gem, but you know how us mamas are!
  23. That makes me feel better to be sure! I think I may be viewing his symptoms as a worrying mother! Very ready for his MM's to arrive. And I, too, am most pleased at his lack of pine coning (may it go away forever!).
  24. It's really like an aquatic zoo! They have 3 "halls" of both fresh water and salt water fish, loads of coral tanks (baby octupus, urchins, loads of mollusks and shrimp)... It's massive! I made the long drive in the hopes of them having more goldie food options, and to a certain extent they do, but the 40% mark up is a load to bear! This is the store Leroy came from. We bought our (ironically) most healthy fish Herman from PetS***t as a wee babe. I can thank that purchase for bringing me to Koko's! Little Breeches surprised me with her knowledge of the different species. We homeschool..so our methods are a bit different from main stream, but I can thank a 10 year collection of "Ranger Rick" magazine for her quick identification of many fish and mollusks! She amazed the gent who was showing us around. Much to the pride of her mother! The prices for goldies of the fancy variety are very reasonable. If only I had a larger tank! (As so many of us dream I imagine!) As it is, our 29 gallon Craigslist find will only ever hold our two (fingers crossed!).
  25. So, in the hope of making amends for being an absent friend, I thought I'd post some photos from our trip to the neat Fish-O-Rama somewhat close to us today. You guys have seen us here before! We saw so many neat things. I couldn't take a photo of each...but Little Breeches and I thought these were the best photos to share...and a video of the goldie section. Video Linky
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