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  1. So lovely and peaceful! I especially love your red cap!
  2. Simple, strong, and effective! Love!
  3. Everyone looks even MORE amazing! That's quite an attachment! I lurve your fish!!!
  4. What lovely examples of so many goldfish types! I can't find which is my favorite they are so lovely! Thanks for sharing!
  5. . Thanks so much you guys! He is definitely a proud peacock! I love the contrast between his shiny white and bright orange. I often think Leroy must roll his eyes at his tank mate when he's adoring his reflection!
  6. Thanks so much you guys! Amy, I missed you guys too!! So I was thinking, Wednesday was a week of MM's. Should I do a 14 day course of treatment, or do you guys think longer is warranted? The Jump Start should be here tomorrow, so I'll re-weigh him and feed 0.75% as suggested when the MM's are complete. I suspect he'd be happier in the main tank, but am more than willing to keep his tail in the hospital tub longer if need be!
  7. How. Stinkin'. Adorable!!!! I really like Lefty. How about Lucky? for adopting such a sweetie!!!
  8. This fish I swear! He came to us as a tiny little runt from a chain pet store... and up to this point he has been the healthiest not so little bugger! Thought I'd share a photo of him checking himself out (his favorite thing to do!).
  9. Woweeee! Amazing fish! I too could have sworn they were in a 10 gallon they are so big!! Congratulations on your new tank! They truly are stunning!
  10. ..... ......and I vote for super fish too.............just give the fish a cape.............
  11. Just. Gorgeous!!! Look at that tuck! I really like your background too!
  12. Oh my stars and garters! How cute!!! I'm so going to my LFS and leaving my car unlocked!!! Congratulations!!
  13. I love it! She is so cute! I could watch your tank all day long!!!!
  14. Ah yes! Welcome to Koko's Goldfish Enabling World!!!
  15. Those look amazing! And so many little babies! I too have had awful luck with amazons. Lucky Lady!
  16. Or finned superhero? I love it! Mango is so cute!!!! (I don't have room for a ranchu....I don't have room for a.....)
  17. Susan! They are so stunning! My mind immediately went into a beautiful veil tail ballet, complete with music! I've been back a few times just to look! Hee Hee!
  18. So, Little Breeches collected the teeth we found in the tank and plant during the tank scrub down yesterday. She ran off with them, went right into her room and was quiet for a looooong time! Out she popped with an envelope covered in stickers, peace signs and a big "To: The Tooth Fairy" on the front. And guess what she found this morning under her pillow! We had a lot of jumping on the bed and little "Woot!"'s!
  19. Here's a video from today. You can see Leroy is much more speedy. I have noticed that he has lost a lot of weight from looking back at old photos from my blog. I'm not sure if you can see through the tub, but there is a depression in the central front part of his wen, and I'm wondering if I was dealing with a Hole in the Head type of bacterial infection. I feel so sad that I didn't notice his weight loss. It was very gradual. Ah well. I'm taking the right steps now. Oh and we were cleaning today, listening to the radio and being silly...so that's our soundtrack. Fancy huh? (No child was harmed during the making of this video by running into her mother's iPhone.)
  20. Thanks you guys! He's already knocked the plant almost completely out. Silly boy! I love experimenting and changing things up with backgrounds. Mostly I use fabric. Last time it was cupcakes on a lavender background. Two guesses who chose that one! I'm thinking of using an orchid pot I have to start some new bulbs, the idea would be to have plants sticking out of the holes. We'll see if that's doable. My anubia is the dwarf kind I suspect. It grows out but never up, sprouting babies all the way!
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