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  1. Gorgeous!!!! Look at those lovely tummies and fins! Stunning!!!
  2. They shimmer like lovely stars against the black background!!! I love it!
  3. Lovely to be sure!!! Welcome to you too! Best of luck with them!
  4. Gorgeous! I would love to have a pond! Maybe when we get out of the military! Hee Hee! Congratulations!
  5. Stunning pair! I'm so happy for you! Can't think of a better looking couple!
  6. Awwwwwwww!!!!!!!! I love the love for each other! The music was nice too! I too could watch this pair all day!!
  7. Thanks very much~! My tank's not lovely though. Needs STUFF. I am a sucker for a clear tank full of lovely Goldies, so I think it's perfect!!
  8. So-so my arse! You have the most lovely and graceful beauties! I've always thought so!! I can't get clear photos like these either, heck...I'm downright jelly now!
  9. Best of luck!! Sorry to hear about your first two! May these grow fat and happy!!!
  10. Gorgeous! I see what look like the beginning of stars on his/her right fin! Perhaps more to come!
  11. Oh how lovely!!! You are one lucky duck! (And so are those finned babies for having you!)
  12. Shazam!!!!!! How lovely and big bellied everyone is! And your tank is so lovely! Way to go!
  13. I remember you Gil! Welcome back! So sorry to hear about Flux. Hurricanes can be tricky! Not sure how we made it through with fins flapping. Best of luck with your new lovely!!! Please let us know if we can offer any help at all!
  14. What kind of music are you playing by that tank anyway? Marvin Gaye? Barry White? Hee hee! It's like a guppy metropolis in there! I love it!
  15. Cute and colorful! I dig! I dig!
  16. Oh I love his name and his little grumpy face! Congratulations on your new fish!!
  17. Great photos!!! Your angels are so graceful, and I too love the peek-a-boo planted photo! You have the prettiest planted tanks!
  18. So much cuteness! Your fish are lovely Molly! I love them all, but I will admit your Rudy is quite the stud!
  19. Beautiful blue! I really like your tank too! Lovely!
  20. So lovely and sweet! I love your new betta girl's name!
  21. Oh my stars and garters Fede!!! They are so beautiful! So graceful! So sweet to each other! I can't wait to show Little B in the morning!
  22. Absolutely stunning! I love Gambit's coloring. Great name too!
  23. Hooray for a filtered tank! Your fish are lovely! Best of luck (with our resident experts' help you can't go wrong!!).
  24. So wonderful that fate has placed this beauty into your care! No time at all and it will be healed and even more happy than it already is!!!
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