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  1. I just made mine and phew! Tough for our vegan noses! :P

    What I do know is, Sookie my coonhound is still not talking to me after she begged the entire time I was cutting it up to freeze.

    Herman my redcap tried to suck up every piece so that Leroy coudn't try any. Once I kept him on one side of the tank, Leroy tasted his and became euphoric almost. They both did. Sort of peaced them both out.

    I liked how easy it came together and how nicely it diced up. I spread the little cubes out in a single layer and set them in the freezer. I'll transfer them to a freezer bag once they are firmer.

    I think I may weigh the boys and see how they fare with the weight gain.

    I'm excited about this trial!

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