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  1. Shazam! That is really neat! Prettiest pool I've seen in a long while!
  2. How beautifully tranquil! Downright dreamy!
  3. I would love to have some for my new planted tank! If you have any extra that is!
  4. Takes a big heart to re-home I think! They are going to be so happy!!! I really like the style of your new tank! Sleek!
  5. I have found that no matter the brand, they just stink after a few months. Although, one would wonder if a larger circumference cup would provide better suction based in surface area contact alone. I just keep changing mine out honestly.
  6. Not at all! That's called "stream of consciousness conversation"! Or at least that's what I say about me!! . Ooh......shiny object........
  7. Oh what a good lookin' crew you have there!!! Such a bright color on your new Oranda too! I really enjoyed your videos! Thanks for sharing with us!!!
  8. Love the green underwater forestry! I really enjoyed your commentary. It was like I came for a visit and you were showing me the tank for the first time. Those little fry! Sweetness!!!
  9. Cutey! I'm looking forward to watching him change into his big-boy colors!
  10. Lovely fish!!!! I too am a fan of Bowser's! I really do wish people appreciated my belly in the same fashion! May his owie heal quickly!
  11. Big hugs, so sorry for Bitsy. Although, it sounds to me like you had her as happy as she could have ever been and that she didn't suffer. A testament to how well you cared for her I think!
  12. What vibrant colors! Congratulations on a real beauty!!!
  13. Absolutely stunning! His colors seem to flow! Lovely tank too!!!
  14. Holy smokes! How beautiful!!! Such a dazzling color/colors!!!!
  15. So relaxing! I would absolutely love to have a pond like yours in our back yard!!! Your fish are so gorgeous! I could watch an extra long video of them all day. All. Day.
  16. They are so lovely! The video was great! Thanks for sharing!
  17. Oh I am so jelly! What a gorgeous tank!!! Love your redcap!!! (I'm partial of course!) Do you feel the chip will affect the integrity of the overall tank? I think that would be the deciding factor for me.
  18. Oh my stars and garters! You lucky ducky!!! What a lovely group of gifts that will keep on a' givin'!!!!! Happiest of Birthdays!
  19. They are growing so well!!! You must be so proud!! Gorgeous!
  20. Congratulations on your finds! I thing they are quite lovely! Oranda and emerging crown on that pearlie for sure. Their fins look fine to me, I dig little peculiararities.
  21. Great minds! And look at this find! http://www.etsy.com/listing/100381383/ceramic-fish-home-in-gloss-blue-glaze
  22. I was so surprised when I went to pick up a 10 gal tank from Freecycle today! I was expecting a plain tank to use for a hospital tank. This is what I ended up with: 1 brand new in box Penguin 100 and 1 used A bunch of plastic decorations (totally already Freecycled already) The tank with a hood and a working light. Now I need ideas on what to do with it, as my Little B wants to have another little aquarium to watch! Planted tank for the first time? Ideas? Fish? Advise?
  23. Wowee!!! What a lovely tail! Great before and after!!!
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