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  1. Draco is so handsome! Look at that grumpy little face! I love it!
  2. Oh what a perfectly beautiful and peaceful pond!!! I could sit there for hours!
  3. CC! Your Mr. Palmer is simply irresistible!! (Sorry, couldn't help myself! ) What impressive growth! Thanks for sharing!
  4. This thread is so helpful! I'm studying to start my planted tank. Thanks Tithra!
  5. Awwww!!! Best of luck rearing your sweet fry! I'm looking forward to watching it grow and thrive!
  6. Huzzah for clean pipes!!! One of my pet peeves is gunk I can see in the intakes. Your kit looks perfect and easy to use!!! Now...wonder if I can accidentally on purpose lose my cleaning brushes?
  7. I missed this thread too! Fang, your beauties have the most memorizing tails and sweet faces!!!!!
  8. And the ultimate crafter award goes to....PSP!!! *applause goes here* What a true problem solver you are! My favorite is the "OMG" photo. So sweet! I'm looking forward to watching how this goes.
  9. So cool! Little B and I enjoyed your photos a ton! That is the most unique ryu I've ever seen!!! Totally jelly and full of congratulatory smiles over here!
  10. Wowee what a journey! So neat how you've documented so well! I'm sure on of our experienced breeder friends will have some helpful info for you soon. Thanks for sharing and best of luck!
  11. I think part of the "addiction" as you say is the feeling of bliss after liberating them from those little cups with the blue water! Congratulations! I too am looking forward to seeing photos!
  12. Oooh I'm so jelly! Hee hee! Wonderful find! I'm looking forward to seeing your set up!
  13. Wow! So much loveliness in those tanks! Amazing fish! Thanks for sharing!!
  14. So cute!!!!! So rewarding raising them from tiny little things! I'm looking forward to watching them grow!
  15. What a great score! Two fish will swim comfortably in your 36, and three will with the right filtration and water changin'. Congratulations on your find!
  16. Exactly what Alex said! It's just SO messy! After trying Soilent Green, I don't think I'll be using what's left in my freezer any time soon.
  17. One word: fantabulous. How many do you have now Sakura? Nice to see you after so long BTW!
  18. My Leroy was yellow....after he was chocolate...and then went through an awkward black/yellow tyrant mustache phase...and now orange. Wondering if many are yellow during color transition...
  19. I really dig the name! What a literally brilliant fish! Stunning orange!
  20. So sorry to hear about the lovely Mr. Blue MJ. Swim free little beauty.
  21. I just made mine and phew! Tough for our vegan noses! What I do know is, Sookie my coonhound is still not talking to me after she begged the entire time I was cutting it up to freeze. Herman my redcap tried to suck up every piece so that Leroy coudn't try any. Once I kept him on one side of the tank, Leroy tasted his and became euphoric almost. They both did. Sort of peaced them both out. I liked how easy it came together and how nicely it diced up. I spread the little cubes out in a single layer and set them in the freezer. I'll transfer them to a freezer bag once they are firmer. I think I may weigh the boys and see how they fare with the weight gain. I'm excited about this trial!
  22. So neat! Not something I've ever seen around these parts! Congratulations on your new beauty!!
  23. Sweet!!! I'll shoot you some PP whenever you like! Now...to get to setting this tank up...
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