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  1. I want to kiss that fish and run and hide from those scary women!!!
  2. Holy smokes! Now I feel bad for Freecycling the container I bought and barely used! Thanks for the PSA! I've totally fallen for gel food as well.
  3. Newton is so handsome. You take lovely photos! I love the artistic shots!
  4. Just lovely! I have a soft spot for red caps!! I really like Billy's striped tail too! Thanks for the video! I really enjoyed it!
  5. When we go see fish, I always seem to find such cute fish...but thankfully it's my kid who says, "Sure wish we had room in the fish apartment!" and that makes it easy to ambulate in the opposite direction.
  6. Gorgeous group to be sure! May you have a trouble free journey with these beauties!
  7. Big hugs Shay! Jupiter was one of my favorites. True love to set her free.
  8. Look at that! Just when you think they can't get any prettier, they go and become stunning!
  9. So sorry Alex! May Jades journey be peaceful and your heart soothed by wonderful memories. Jade was just beautiful!
  10. Oh my stars Button is a sweet little gem! Congratulations!
  11. Oh no! So sorry to hear Mandie! Metaphysical hugs coming your way! Peaceful journey little Ernie!
  12. Lovely little guy! I love the name! Makes me think of Pinky and the Brain.
  13. Oh she is just a lovely little thing! . Look at her grow!
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