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  1. Though it shouldn't be so, coloring is usually what gets me first! I love bold, "clean" colors like red/white black/white, etc. With calicos I like large "blobs" of color rather than a busy "confetti" look. In terms of body shape, If it's a ryukin, I just look for a high back and a "rounded triangle" face. With orandas, I prefer a deep short body with a healthy head/face of wen. Telescopes are cute no matter what, though, haha Other than that, I look at how they swim, how they carry their fins, just their attitude in general. I just looooove watching huge goldfish saunter around like they're king (or queen ) of the tank!
  2. So big!! That's gonna house some pretty happy fish!
  3. How neat! I had never even heard of a gambusia until now It'd be really interesting to see what that tiny little guy will grow up to be!
  4. The scales I've noticed were more on the left side of the first 2 pictures and on the right side of the 3rd pic on Nano. Vide's black scales cast an odd shadow the other scales don't. Maybe it's just me, then, I've had my insane "dropsy-goggles" on lately, haha. I'll keep an eye on them, they're acting totally fine other than what I *think* I'm seeing, haha Phobe's doing very well, she's maintained her normal physique and hopefully can get her back in the main tank sometime in the next month or so. BTW, You're so flippin' helpful, dnalex!!
  5. Well...I looked closely at Vide and Nano today... I think I see raised scales on Nano. Vide, I'm not sure. I took some pictures; if these aren't clear I can take some others. What do you guys think? I hope I'm just being crazy. Nano Vide
  6. Wow, I honestly can't decide which one is my favorite; they're all so pretty and unique-looking! The ranchu/fantail hybrid is especially fascinating. I can't wait to see them all fattened up and thriving in your care! Great rescuing!
  7. She is so so so so pretty and fun to watch swim around!
  8. A couple of beauties! The purple/white is quite unique
  9. Hmm, hopefully someone with more experience can chime in about that squishy belly; I've only heard it happening in cases of dropsy/illness as you mentioned. It is quite odd though (to me at least), that the fish with the eggy/squishy belly is the one being aggressive. However I most certainly wouldn't rule that out as part of the reason behind her actions. Aww that's so sad, poor Roosevelt. I'm sorry about Ellie, it sounds like they were good friends.
  10. Your tank looks great! The bubble look like floating jewels, hehe All your goldies look very nice! Bruce is a cutie! I also must say, Pepsi is the most adorable puppy! <3 I love that shot of him in the pot, hehe
  11. I don't think a third fish would do much besides provide a temporary distraction; there's a chance that GLaDOS would go right back to picking on Roosevelt or even start picking on the new fish. Some members separate the "naughty" fish into another tank for a week or two then reintroduce them. Since Roosevelt's fins are torn up, you can use her healing time as a "time out" for GLaDOS, putting her in a separate tank. Once Roosevelt's better, you can try reintroducing them and see if GLaDOS has mellowed out. If she hasn't, then you may have to set up a separate tank just for her or exchange her at the LFS.
  12. Thanks, dnalex I'll wait for someone else to chime in too; I remember SOMEthing about someone's fish needing to be given a rest, but I can't find the thread where I found that, lol
  13. Hi everyone. Today would be Phoebe's 14th day of the Jungle food. Her scales are still lifted and she still has that slight "box" shape to her--Does she need a break from the meds before going back on or do I just continue for another 14 days? Also, the MetroMeds had arrived, could I switch her to that?
  14. Ah, Sorry! I haven't checked this thread in a while! As of today Phoebe's scales are flattening She's still got similar "swelling" behind the gills as far as I can tell, but she's swimming normally still. The black that was on her face spread all over her body. I'm not too sure what that is, but it doesn't seem to be affecting her... definitely doesn't look very pretty.
  15. These fish are exceptionally tough, but I don't believe they challenge the suggestions of what living conditions they need. Not all goldfish are as tough as these, and for every story of a 20 year common in a 1/2 gallon bowl, there are thousands of stories of goldfish dieing in bowls within weeks or months. I can keep a black tipped reef shark (which grow to be around 5ft) in a 75 gallon' tank until it can't turn around. If it's really tough, it will survive, yes. But does the survival of this particular shark mean that the typical housing requirements (which is like, either the ocean or an aquarium that's tens of thousands of gallons) go overboard and we can actually keep them in smaller enclosures? There's always animals that "beat the odds" in less-than-desirable conditions, but to me, it's always better to offer them "too much" space, filtration, etc. than too little.
  16. Oh shoot, really? She's eaten a pea today this morning, is it going to have a bad effect if I feed her the meds tonight? From what I read, the directions emphasize no other foods...
  17. Thank you everyone for the support and invaluable information. This was a bit of a tense week for me; I'm not sure what I'd do without you. Yesterday was Phoebe's last day of meds until next week, according to the directions. From what I can tell, Phoebe's still a little pineconed, but she doesn't look like she got worse from Monday.
  18. I'm sorry, I'm just emotionally weird right now; the guilt hit me hard. I will step up my filter maintenance and feed better foods. At least I have a good idea more or less of the cause of this dropsy; now I can do my best to prevent something like this from happening again.
  19. I had always thought you don't have to clean the filters unless there's a clog or something... but I guess I got my information mixed up with the media part. The malnutrition shocked me; I didn't know they were that low in nutrients. I didn't even give it a second thought. God, I'm the worst freaking goldfish owner in the world.
  20. Since around December '10 I believe. .... I'd better clean it.
  21. Ok, got the Jungle AP. Phoebe's in the tank, Epsom's in the tank, and I've given her 5 pellets. Let's see... I know that I have never cleaned the Emperor filter, so it probably has quite a lot of gunk. Maybe this is what's caused it. I've only rinsed the TopFin back in Feb. As far as tank set up, there's river rocks scattered around, but otherwise it's barebottom. There's a bubble wand, a breeder net, and a vegetable clip that's been drifting around the tank. Perhaps if not from the filters, maybe something developed from the water/air bubbles trapped beneath the suction cups, or even stuff building up in the breeder net?
  22. Okay. Yeah I have a heater, not the metronidazole food. I'm making a trip in a little bit to see if the pet store has some of the Jungle anti-parasitic food.
  23. Thanks. She was so fun to watch swimming around; it's hard to imagine she's not going to be in her tank anymore. I guess at least she's not suffering anymore. I'm still crying like an idiot from time to time. For Phoebe, If I were to do a 100% w/c, could I just put her in the QT Giovanni was in and redose the epsom? Giovanni was in there only for about 9 hours, and I can't imagine Phoebe getting something she wasn't already exposed to.
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