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  1. Thought I'd give an update.... she's been swimming around, acting completely normal which makes me super happy. Her tail still has red patches which is completely confusing to me but it's not getting worse so that's good.
  2. Hi!! Thank you all for that info. Coffee is back in the 40gallon tank, she is excited for food everyday but still bottom sits a good amount of time. She still has patches on her tail but she does swim around at times, mostly in the evening. This is so confusing. I'm just giving her a break for now and making sure her water is clean.
  3. So I did the 2 weeks of metro... her tail is still red 😔. She eats normally though but she does bottom sit at times. Sorry it took me a bit to get here, things have been crazy with school starting for my daughter. Do I continue with the metro?
  4. Perfect thank you! I'll go get my hands on some metroplex. And yes I know, it went by quick! 🙂
  5. So I did the kanaplex for 2 weeks, she was acting completely normal, eating etc. However her tail looks the same! I ended up putting her back in the 40 gallon tank, I made sure the water was pristine. First day she was acting completely normal now she seems to be hanging out at the bottom again. She does go up and swim around and she also gets really excited about food and is eating fine. But I'm not sure what's going on!! I still have the quarantine tank out if I need to do any other treatments.
  6. So I ended up in the hospital on an emergency for 3 days 😱 water wasn't changed those days. My husband volunteered to do it but then got too overwhelmed with taking care of everything and work and didn't do it. My daughter did feed the fish and I'm told she's been eating and swimming actively. I'm changing the water today, I had filled it to 10gallons so thank you for suggesting that. I just hope it'll be ok.
  7. Ok perfect. So there's no AC in the living room so right now the water is 78 anyway. It stays like this in the summer. He ate yesterday!! I was very happy about that. I'll also fill the tank. Thank you so much!
  8. I started the treatment this morning! No filter then? Can I do water changes, how does it work?
  9. Will do. I'm calling a few places that might have it, this way I might be able to get it today.
  10. Yeah. I'll need to buy some kanamycin. Thank you.
  11. Yesterday and today have not been good. She most definitely is acting sick now, bottom sitting and didn't eat. I'm seeing some red on the base of the tail now too.
  12. At the ends and in the middle not really at the base. They're not getting worse and they've been there for a while now. She'd been acting completely normal but the last few days she's been bottom sitting a lot during the day but I see her swimming happily around now and again, mostly at night. It's been really hot here idk if that's what's causing her to not nice as much or if it's related to the bloody streaks.
  13. She's not looking any better 😕
  14. Started her on the salt treatment, the pleco seems to be fine but I'm keeping an eye on him
  15. Salt the entire tank? Would my pleco be ok with the salt?
  16. Ammonia is down to 0ppm, nitrate 10ppm.
  17. Test Results for the Following: Ammonia Level(Tank): 0.0 -0.25 ppm Was 0 ppm on Sunday (before the new filter). I'll do a water change once i'm done here. Nitrite Level(Tank): 0 ppm Nitrate level(Tank): 20 ppm Ammonia Level(Tap): 0 ppm Nitrite Level(Tap): 0 ppm Nitrate level(Tap): 10 ppm Ph Level, Tank (If possible, KH, GH and chloramines): 7.6, I don't have KH, GH test but I'm using softened water. As of today I also have access to hard water (straight from the well, not softened). Not sure which one I should use from now on. Ph Level, Tap (If possible, KH, GH and chloramines): 7.6 Note: 7.6 is the highest reading on the low pH bottle. I also tested it with the high pH drops but the color does not match the colors on the chart so I went with 7.6. I'm not sure how accurate it is at the extreme high end of the 'low pH' range. Other Required Info: Brand of test-kit used and whether strips or drops? API Drops Water temperature? 78F (gets pretty hot in the summer) Tank size (how many gals.) and how long has it been running? 40 gallon breeder ~6yrs What is the name and "size of the filter"(s)? Aquaclear 110 (new), was using a FLUVAL 406 canister which just kicked the bucket 4 days ago. How often do you change the water and how much? Once a week, ~80% (see explanation below, had been doing water changes every 2 - 3 weeks March/April) How many days ago was the last water change and how much did you change? Sunday (4 days ago), 80% How many fish in the tank and their size? 1 Goldfish (Coffee)... about 4" body, and 1 bristlenose pleco 3" at most. What kind of water additives or conditioners? none aside from the water passing through a water softener so there might be some salt (I have well water) What do you feed your fish and how often? Omega One Goldfish Flakes 2x a day, Hikari Algae Wafers for the pleco, although the goldfish does get to it. Any new fish added to the tank? No Any medications added to the tank? No List entire medication/treatment history for fish and tank.Please include salt, Prazi, PP, etc and the approximate time and duration of treatment. None, just water changes Any unusual findings on the fish such as "grains of salt," bloody streaks, frayed fins or fungus? Bloody streaks on tail, the end of the tail is very red (attaching pictures) Any unusual behavior like staying at the bottom, not eating, etc.? No, he's acting completely normal Hello goldfish gurus! So here's the story, to start with I feel horrible about it because this is 100% my fault, but I'm fixing things. I was slacking with the water changes, wasn't feeling well physically and mentally (due to health issues) so instead of changing the water every week I would go 2 or 3 weeks. I was using a canister filter (Fluval 406), I've been using it forever but it'd been giving me a lot of trouble when un-attaching and attaching the hoses back on the canister so basically unless my husband was there and helped me it was impossible for me to do, so I didn't clean the filter for a long time. The slacking on water changes probably started around March, but honestly i'm not sure. I'd say sometime in May I started noticing Coffee was not being as active and had red streaks/patches on his tail, and a light bulb went off that I was horribly neglecting him so I immediately changed his water and did multiple water changes that week. Admittedly I didn't check the water parameters then, but I knew they'd be high so I made sure to change the water right away. I also cleaned the filter. Coffee started acting normal again and I figured the red streaks would go away in time now that the water quality is good (I tested the water at this point to make sure it was ok). I've been feeling much better health wise and have gone back to the usual 1x week 80% water changes. This past weekend I did a water change and couldn't get the canister filter started, I've been getting incredibly frustrated with it and have already changed the impeller at some point in the past but this time the motor doesn't even run. So... sick of troubleshooting I decided to get an HOB filter (instead of a canister) which will make it a lot easier for me to maintain even those times when I don't feel great without having to rely on anybody else. I put the biological filter media from the canister in the Aquaclear 110 but used the new sponge from the Aquaclear since I can't fit the old sponges in there. It looks like I have some ammonia in the water ughh, I hope I didn't completely mess up the cycle. I'll do a water change today. Anyway, the blood streaks have not improved and it's been probably around a month since things went back to normal (The ammonia and nitrite readings were 0ppm up until I changed the filter this past weekend). Also, the end of his tail was not like that back when I first noticed the issue. Now i'm worried that he could have some bacterial or fungal infection. I checked the cabinet for medicines and I'm a bit shocked at how long I've had some of them because most of them are expired and have been for years. The only ones I have in date are: Metroplex and Antibiotic II Orange (also aquarium salt). Everything else is either expired or super duper expired. That's the story, sorry it's so long and thank you in advance for any guidance you can provide.
  18. Thank you[emoji26] Sent from my SM-G930P using Tapatalk
  19. Thank you. I'm gonna try to find some clove oil. How do I do this? I've never euthanized a fish before. Sent from my SM-G930P using Tapatalk
  20. I feel like we've lost the battle here, I feel so bad, she looks like she's just waiting to die .
  21. Ok [emoji22]. I'll double the dose. Thank you for your help. Sent from my SM-G930P using Tapatalk
  22. I added Epsom salt after the water change last week. Sent from my SM-G930P using Tapatalk
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