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  1. All of mine spawned yesterday too. It must be the good weather we are having!
  2. I constructed my pond in a very similar fashion. I used pressure treated 2x4 bolted together with the lining laid inside over an underlay. It has been up and running for almost 3 years now it shows no signs of being under any stress. The fish stay out all year and over the winter it freezes. The lowest it has been is -15°C with no side effects to the fish at all. There is some more info on it here: http://www.kokosgold...__fromsearch__1 And a picture!
  3. It really does depend on how much you would like to spend. I wouldn't be wasting my money in Pets At Home, when you can get better for your money online. An external filter is going to be more efficient because of it's larger size and the ability to hold more media than an internal filter. I would be looking to spend my money on an external rather than an internal. From what I have read these external filters seem best value for money, with a good review from PFK magazine: http://www.allpondsolutions.co.uk/aquarium-1/aquarium-filters/external-filters.html The company has free 24 hour delivery on all orders, so no problem with expensive delivery costs. I personally use the Eheim 2224 filter on my 125 litre tank and it has been faultless for the last 2 years. It is a little bit more than the filters in the above link. The shop I bought it from have a deal on at the moment too. http://www.zooplus.co.uk/shop/fish/filters_pumps/eheim_filters/external_filters/19459#more Hopefully that is of some help.
  4. Thanks for all of the kind comments. To answer the questions. The internal diameters are 1m x 1m and roughly 1m deep. So its roughly 900-1000 liters. The new filter is 100 liters on its own. I was aiming to get it at 10% of the ponds total volume. As for the temperature its hard to say because I don't have a thermometer (Its on my pond shopping list!). To give you some idea though we have just had a very harsh winter with temperatures of -15°C and this week we have had quite high temperatures of 27°C. The pond gets direct sun for 2-3 hours in the morning and an hour in the evening providing there is no cloud coverage, which for us is rare. During the winter the ice was a few inches deep but the full pond never froze. In fact it never came close to it. There were no loses during the winter so it must be doing fine. I did have a think about covering the mesh cover in plastic for the winter but it never really called for it. I did worry about the temperature not being high enough over winter due to the pond being above round but it doesn't seem to effect the fish and there is never a sudden temperature change due to the seasons being fairly consistent. You could always wrap something around the outside over winter. Hopefully that helps you!
  5. Now that spring has arrived here I have been working on the pond to get it ready for the summer. The pond has been running a year now and I am really happy with how it has turned out. However there was always room for improvement but I wanted to get it up and running last summer and get it to a stage I was happy with before fine tuning! This was a photo of the pond from back in February: How it is now: The one big area the pond was lacking was the filtration. The old filter was not really up to the job and this was starting to show. It was sold as being capable for up to 1000 liters but this clearly wasn't true. So I done some homework and made the most of a spare water but that I had lying around. There were some excellent example of Skippy filters on this forum and I decided this was the best approach to go for. It has been up and running a week and so far all is working well. I am running both filters for a few more weeks until I am happy the new filter has matured enough. The second biggest update is the addition of marginal plants. Because the pond is not a conventional in the ground type it was fairly hard to incorporate plants that could grow out of the water but have their roots in water. I saw these planters in a local shop and they have been perfect for growing these types of plants. They have really brightened it up too. They have been in for a few weeks an have really grown! And after all this hard work I have been rewarded because the fish spawned this week! There was a lot of chasing on Wednesday and I got home from work to a pond covered in eggs. I know the 3 sarasa comets (all red/white) are all male with loads of breeding stars and the large commons (one white and one red/white) seem to be female. Both were being chased and judging by the quantity of eggs I would say they have both spawned. This picture shows some of the eggs. And finally some of the inhabitants! I hope you all enjoy the update. Hopefully the next one will involve babies!
  6. APS get a very mixed review. The reviews on their website are very biased. I have read that they filter out the bad reviews and only put up the good ones on their website. Most of their products including filters are rebranded Sun Sun items from China. Have a look on ebay for Sun Sun filters and you will find them cheaper even though they are the same. As said save up for an Eheim. I have one and it works great. I looked at the 2217 to add alongside my current Eheim. You will need the + model if you want the taps as well. The taps on their own are quite expensive so its a no brainer really! I am fairly certain all Eheim filters come with media. The EX1200 is a great filter and receives nothing but great reviews. As popularity has grown soo have the prices unfortunatley.
  7. Thanks for all the comments! The temperature is aboving freezing today so it all started to melt. The pond is indeed home made. It was a pretty simple process to make and is held to together by 15cm bolts. There are two screwed into each end of the wood to make a square frame and then more used to bolt the frames together as they are stacked on top of each other. The water depth is roughly 80cm deep. I was slightly worried as the pond is free standing and as such is not insulated by earth like a pond in the ground is. However as I have seen there is no chance of it freezing solid. There are a couple of layers of pond lining in there as the first liner leaked so I just stuck a new liner over the top and there is also a base layer.
  8. Thanks! He likes his food thats for sure. The red and white fish are Sarasa Comets. They have beautiful long flowing fins. They all appear to be males too.
  9. As we are having some quite cold temperatures in the UK I thought I would take some pics of the pond. I have only had the pond running for 6 months so this is my first winter with it. So far everything seems to be going well and everyone doing well in these extreme conditions. First up a view from the top. I would guess the ice is 1-2 inches thick: The only victim so far seems to be the duckling! Everyone seems to be doing fine down there. And a couple of pics from when its was warmer back in the summer. This is Winston (After Winston Churchill, due to his size and the way he rules the pond). He is big and fat. I saw him in the shop at the time I was building my pond and hoped he was still there by the time the pond had cycled. When I originally bought him he was in the £10 pond and when the guy in the shop scooped him out he tried to charge me more because of his size! I stood my ground and got him for a bargain price. And some of the rest of the gang:
  10. If you are serious I would reccomend these guys: http://www.english-bred-fancy-goldfish.co.uk/home They specialise in veiltails. The owner is a member of GSGB and it highly regarded by the club.
  11. Thanks. A very interesting read and a few points worth noting.
  12. Hi Guys I am after a bit of advice regarding green water. I have been watching some videos on youtube and have seen some impressive results from using green water. However I have no idea where to begin so thought I would seek help from you guys! I am really after some pointers to get me started and the pros and cons of using green water. Most importantly I am interested in how to cultivate the algae to turn the water green and any methods anyone has to do this. Any info is greatly appreciated!
  13. I would say go with the eheim if you can. I have the 2224 and it is silent. I always find myself checking to see it is still working its that quiet! My tank is right next to my bed and even the slightest noise would annoy me, so it really is that quiet. We have another tank in the house that has an eheim professional series and that is also silent. I know the eheims tend to be a bit more but they are worth it every time. From what I have read on other forums they always tend to favour the eheim over the likes of fluval etc.
  14. Thanks for all the comments! The fry seem to be doing really well and are now up and about swimming and following the mother wherever she goes. I think the plecs have had a few but now they are no longer sitting at the bottom they seem to be doing better.
  15. Thanks. Its not unlike her to move the fry but this time she has moved them from a well sheltered area to and area with a strong current and not protection. She is a great mother though and will soon realise she needs to move them again! Its amazing how great parents they are. The female will chase the male away most of the time and he then chases the other fish off. He normally doesn't bother with them too much but this time he is being super protective!
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