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  1. Sorry I did not get back to You sooner . I got food poisoning yesterday. I made the hospital tank from a plastic aquarium/bug cage purchased at P etsmar t. Wal mart has them too but they are smaller I drilled holes in 3 sides and hang it by 2 heater suction cups.
  2. If You put them in the bigger tank , it will be more water to change , but the advantage would be that You would only be cycling 1 tank instead of 2.
  3. For the ammonia , try a cleaning or janitorial supply store Around here , Ace hardware has pure ammonia in small bottles and gallons too. Do You have Ace hardware in the UK ? http://www.acehardware.com/product/index.jsp?productId=1272325&kw=ammonia&origkw=ammonia&searchId=49725725284
  4. Thats great , but in the time that it takes to do the fishless cycle in Your big tank , Your temporary tub still has to be healthy for Your fish and it will probably cycle faster than the fishless cycle tank. I know it is a lot of work , but Your still going to have to do the water changes .Using the Zeolite will handle the ammonia problem , but Your going to have to change water to get rid of nitrites and nitrates. I did the same thing You are doing . I did a fishless cycle on My big tank , while I had My fish in a tub . I did 50% water changes every 2 days The fishless cycle took 6 weeks and the tub with fish took 4 weeks.
  5. Both are Beautiful ! perfect Wens , strong fins , and Frenchy's bright white is to die for . That big mouth on fester means He's going to be huge . Breeders look for big mouth's on strong swimmers . He will be the first one to the dinner table.
  6. Wow that is an incredible tank ! Glad that google is doing better , maybe He was just scared of His newGiant Home You are going to need to put on Your scuba gear to clean it
  7. Zeolite works , and if You do use it , place it in the filter so it will get water circulation over it. Place it in a mesh bag or stocking. But You dont really need it because Your using Prime , and You are better off doing water changes anyway because You are cycling with fish in the tank. Later on in the cycle , Your going to have to deal with Nitrites and Nitrates also , so the more reason to do water changes.
  8. If Your temperature is between 20 to 25 deg , Your getting close to being toxic. But You dont have to worry if You use Prime because it will bind the ammonia for 48 hours. You will have to do water changes at least every 2 days until Your filter is cycled Here is a chart from a Famous Author http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/topic/35322-ammonia-toxicity/
  9. oh, i very soon need to make some more. so i will drag it out in the next day or so and pm you with it.. Why not share it with everybody ?
  10. I have a 1 gallon plastic hospital tank that hangs inside your aquarium. It has holes for water circulation. Your welcome to borrow it
  11. I think You should give Them all away..........to Me
  12. I love Aquaclears You can add another bag of bio media in that thing ,and then Your Bio capacity is doubled
  13. Im very sorry to hear about Esme Kymie .You are a great Goldfish Mommy , and You gave Him a great life for the time that He was with You . I know how horrible it feels when We try our best and still lose them , sometimes it is out of Our hands. You know You did all You could for Him Your water parameters look fine . Im assuming Your city adds Chloramines ,so the .25 ammonia You are seeing is normal Prime will bind the ammonia for 48 hours ,and it will still show when tested ,until a cycled filter converts it to nitrites. Ammonia is more toxic at higher temperature and higher PH ,so I dont think Your issue was ammonia toxicity , unless Your PH was elevated. I cant see the goop in the filter media , but if it looks abnormal , Maybe something to look into.
  14. Thank You Would PP be safer to do multiple treatments ?
  15. Is it OK to do repeated bleach treatments on the same plant ?
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