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  1. I've named him Pi (as in the greek letter and 3.14). He had built a bubble nest yesterday, but I had to move his tank and in the process it got destroyed. Poor little Pi will have to build himself another one.
  2. Well, I haven't been on this forum in forever because I don't have golfish any longer and until recently, I didn't have tropicals either (I'm in a college dorm). I remedied this situation with the addition of my new Betta (I've never had a betta before), "Mr. Fishie." His name is apt to change, so if you have any suggestions I'd be glad to hear them. Without further ado, meet the King of Fishies.
  3. I have the three guppies that you saw in the pictures (plus babies now). I do not have a moss ball, so I assume you are talking about my thicket of java moss, which is anchored in the gravel. Thanks for the tip though.
  4. The amorous male The object of his affections Their love-children (in their temporary accomodations).
  5. Oh, sorry....school took over my life for a while. I've resurfaced for the moment... Stock lighting (so really low wattage) I am not the one who does the lights (since I am not there) but I assume they stay on all day. I'll check on the algae situation if I go home again soon.
  6. So, first I should make a confession - I have been seriously neglecting my tank. My plants and fish are all flourishing though, so I guess I didn't do anything too bad. The issue, however, is that my algae is flourishing too. My tank is at home while I am in college (the dorm makes you unplug ALL appliances over every break and I don't want to unplug my tank for fall break, christmas break, spring break, etc) and so I rarely have time to do much more than general maintenance. I haven't messed with the plants, scraped the glass, etc. Nothing except water changes and topoffs and my mom feeds the fish when I am away. From this semi-neglect... I have enough java moss to take over the world. The algae was so thick on the glass, I thought the hood-light had burned out....it turns out that I just couldn't see past the algae My issue with the algae isn't the glass though, it's the other plants. A few of my live plants have algae carpets on their leaves. It's thick green algae that coats everything - not brown or hair algae. Just a ton of healthy, thick, green algae. It's so thick it looks kind of like a carpet of moss. I don't want it killing my live plants - how do I get it off the leaves without damaging the plants? I just did a large water-change and vacuumed the gravel extensively - I assume getting rid of all that gunk will cut down on available nutrients. Any other suggestions? Oh, by the way, it's a 10gal tank with 3 guppies and 2 other guppy-sized fish. Nothing else but live plants. They are fed sparingly.
  7. I am re-doing my family's 20gal long tank while I am home from college for the weekend and I need ideas. It can't get too complicated though. Here is what I have to work with: Enough java moss to fill a 20gal long from top to bottom, with several sister colonies in various 10gals (it got a bit out of hand). A handful of small java fern (stolen from my 10gal that got overgrown) Red Slate and some smooth black river rocks (avout 3" long each) Flowerpot A random rock decoration White sand substrate Generic stock lighting (ie. LOW light) A couple somewhat evil Kribensis (1 adult male and 2 offspring) - my mom likes them though (I do too, I am just annoyed that the male murdered my other fish, but I suppose he would have done better with more territory). The tank has had a continuous cycle for at least the past 8yrs, but has been set up off and on since the 1970s. It be old - I don't want to do anything that might damage it (ie. I don't think I'd want to put huge amounts of rock in it or something). Ideas? I could always return it to its filter clogging, java moss jungle
  8. Hmm, well I added guppies. We shall see how it works out....I can always move them to a different tank if needed.
  9. Originally I ordered my killis from Florida and it's rather expensive, and the reason I only have 2 anymore is because they killed each other.... I don't think they are aggressie to non-killis though, I just think 10gal must have been too small to keep more than a couple Killis - no enough places to hide and such.
  10. Right now I just have 2 small-ish Killifish that hide all the time, so the tank looks empty. I was hoping to add some sort of fish to liven it up a bit, but does anyone think that would be a bad idea? I'm a fan of: Guppies Gouramis Corys Danios White Cloud MMs and many other fish as long as they're not too aggressive or picky. But, does anyone consider it inadvisable to add a few fish of to my tank (with the killis)? I am slightly worried that the killis might get aggressive, but it's a heavily planted aquarium...lots of java moss and java ferns and other plants.
  11. I was browsing the Fosters & Smith website and ran across these: http://www.drsfostersmith.com/product/prod...mp;pcatid=13976 http://www.drsfostersmith.com/product/prod...mp;pcatid=10677 Are they good if someone wanted to keep a mini-reef tank with corals and such? (I've been toying with the idea a bit, and randomly ran across these setups).
  12. They're Killifish. Sorry, I haven't been on the computer much so I only just got around to answering this. I seem to have come down with a sinus infection and possibly a touch of the flu over my spring break. Oh joy!
  13. These particular fish don't eat vegetation/prepared foods. So I guess feeding them right before I leave is my best bet.
  14. Do I need to arrange for a way for my fish to get fed, or will they be OK for a week if they get a good meal before I leave and then one immediately after I get back?
  15. The male was chasing one particular female all over the place and they would go to the bottom of my Java ferns and be side by side and he'd "quiver" and shake and I thought I saw something falling into the gravel.
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