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  1. I was thinking maybe she had something stuck too. I actually saw a video yesterday of an oranda with gravel stuck and his mouth action was the same wide O. But if Hugo can eat...I doubt that is it? Maybe something caught in her gills??
  2. Hi Fang Sorry Hugo isn't feeling well. She's one of my favs too! Healing thoughts <3
  3. Hi Allie! You're in good hands here Lori Ann
  4. Thank you everyone! The fish are growing. They were big when I got them in March/April. But can see more growth in these few months! Olaf's fins especially are much longer and flowing. Zelda has actually slimmed down, but fins are longer. Not sure why, she eats like a pig! But I *think* when I got her she was bursting with eggs, and looked fat. In the store she was in a 18" cube tank with another female, so no stimulation to release eggs. She filled the tank with eggs her second day here!
  5. New look. Might last if these two piggies will stop tearing up my java fern, and trying to prune the anubias. Zelda (the calm moor ya know) is ferocious grabbing leaves thrashing her head. hahaha Olaf kind of watches, swims over, nibbles, watches. Then joins in the trashing. Putting lettuce leaves/greens in more often seems to be helping.
  6. Thanks Amanda She isn't gray/lavender though. She is pearly white. So white she glows. haha Pic is not great. And no light on the Q tank. Moon is doing great so far. Has been 5 days. She eats great, catching BBS before they hit the bottom. Fast little bugger! A tiny bit of bottom sitting with the PraziPro, but that is expected. Fingers crossed it keeps going well.
  7. Love your tank! I agree the 40B is a perfect tank. The footprint gives lots of surface area for goldfish. Can reach the bottom to clean without wetting armpits haha
  8. Thanks!! I have a bad video. haha http://vid60.photobucket.com/albums/h2/FFamily2006/Fish/MVI_5544.mp4
  9. Thanks everyone Yes, I agree she's a ranchu She seems proportional to me, eyes a little big maybe, so a bit stunted. No wen to speak of, and face pointier than I see on ranchu pics online. So a mix? She's adorable none the less. And she loves BBS
  10. Could be a ranchu. Petsmart had tank labeled lionheads. None had any sign of head growth.
  11. Haha Nope, an new fish named Moon! Made the decision to push the limits a bit and get a third fish for my 40B. Zelda being the lone female never gets a break. So hoping Moon is a female. She is too young to know. She's a tiny lionhead. She'll be living in the 5G and then 10G tub until she grows enough to be in with them. She's only the size of my thumb right now. So in QT in the 5G with PraziPro ,had another unopened bottle so using it, fingers crossed she doesn't react like Zelda! And .1% salt for a few weeks first. Then into the 10G tub.
  12. Five days in .3% salt, Olaf is looking really good. Chewed up sides healed up. I can see bits of the sand stuck there! I think it will work itself out in time. I'm leaving him in the QT for another few days to be sure. And no flashing/rubbing still. No more sand for Olaf!
  13. Most things beyond very basic, I have to order online, sight unseen. If you can find TMS in a store, check grain size. May be just fine. I may have gotten an end of batch bag. Quality control may be lacking, who knows.I do like TMS... just not this fine stuff. Crystal River I am not sure about. I seem to recall TMS previously was 1mm-3mm though....Now it says .5mm-1mm...so I think it has changed.
  14. Thanks Alex. You still use TMS right? Remember the nice large, heavier grain sizes? This batch is super fine. So odd. Still seemed to settle quickly if stirred up. But seems sharper or something. So disappointed. I love the look, and the fish always seem to love sifting. Maybe I'll try a fine gravel sometime.
  15. And...sand is gone. I bought the Super Naturals Tahitian Moon Sand this time. Site said 0.5mm - 1 mm. The Instant Aquarium said same...but is more pricey. So went with the Super Naturals. Having had the Instant Aquarium one in the past was expecting the grain size of that. When it came it was super fine. Much finer than my old sand was. Washed it up and used it anyway. Olaf started flashing badly. Rubbing in the corners of the floor of tank. Something was irritating him. Noticed a few grains of sand on his sides. Sides had lost scales...almost meaty looking!! He is now in a tub, salt to .3%. Stopped flashing instantly. Still see a couple grains of sand on him. This is day 3 in the tub. He is calm and eating well. Sides look no worse...hope he heals up. I have API General Cure if I find I need antibiotics if it looks infected later... Removed the sand today. Zelda was fine with it. But not Olaf. Poor goof. I used a new dust pan to scoop out the sand. Just went to wipe the sand sticking to it off...now that it has had time to dry. Some of this "sand" looks like flakes of shiny paint. Odd...and not at all what TMS was a couple years back... So many things are getting to be inferior quality these days.....
  16. I love how the Sunset Gold looks in your tanks Georgia! So pretty!
  17. I rinsed sand in my kitchen sink, as we have no outside tap. I put sand in a clean bucket. Put bucket in an old pillow case, clipping one side of pillow case to my dish drainer to leave a gap...tipped bucket and placed a wooden spoon under to keep it tipped...this way water ran to that area into the open part of pillow case...and turned on the tap. Swishing/stirring the sand. I did this for about an hour to be sure to get all particulate out. Worked great, water could drain and no sand down my drain....particles/dust was in the pillow case.
  18. You're welcome. Now if you were to want to plant (other than java fern or anubias that can be tied to rocks), you'd need deeper substrate. If I ever got that route, I would do an inch to two inches (to shape it) in places of planting substrate with a 1/2 inch sand "cap".
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