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  1. redfish

    Got one!

    Aww, happy for you!! Looks like a cutie!
  2. Aww, they are both so pretty, and have grown. Thanks Mandie!
  3. Fingers crossed I'll bet it is just him adjusting to new tank.
  4. The lighting is awesome Koko!! Your tank looks great too. I'm so in love with Charlie
  5. redfish

    RIP Bentley

    So sorry for your loss Hidr. RIP Bentley
  6. Looks great, I really like your tank & planters. And Fluffy is adorable.
  7. We do have Stokes here. Yay, I'm adding that vase to my Christmas list. That ornament is very beautiful. I'm jealous!
  8. Those are all so nice! Love that vase too!
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