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  1. Thanks for the replies. It is not an issue i have, i have read several things about a fishy smell and was wondering what caused it etc. Thanks for the info
  2. Hiya, I have read that fishy smelling water is not good, why? what causes it and how to get rid of it? Thanks
  3. Put the fish in its own tank/tub/container whatever you have, add fresh water. Add an air stone to the water with the fish. Do a 50% water change daily for a week, no more meds, no more anything. edit: I forgot to add, you will need to remove the fish poop by hand twice a day while you do this. With no filter the ammonia will build up quickly if you leave the poop laying around.
  4. These are the 2 i opted for instead, they should arrive tomorrow morning! My first fish after a 2 year wait
  5. Thanks for all the replies but in the end i didn't buy either. I bought 2 different ones, my first fish yipee!! Both Ryukin, one is white with black freckles, the 2nd is black and gold. Will post pictures shortly.
  6. yes it makes sense, thanks for the replies. No he is not bottom sitting, i have also seen a video of him swimming, its just a bad picture. My aquarium has been empty for 2 years, i think i may have found my first fish
  7. I have read that the hump is fat storage and a high protein diet increases the hump?
  8. is the hump not dependant on diet?
  9. Hi all, I am after a little advice, what do you think of these Ryukin, high quality? worth buying?
  10. you can try: Ranchu Maniax Goldfish Utopia Dandy Orandas hope that helps
  11. thanks for the reply, it does make sense next question: If i bred a black moor with a red and white moor, would i get tri color fry?
  12. Can a fish with a fault be corrected through selective breeding? For e.g. if a fish has a single anal fin, but standards state it should be a double, could any fry from this fish have a double anal fin? i hope that makes sense
  13. i thought the c02 was more important than the lighting? I have 3x 39w lights for the tank, i know this is not much but surely sufficient?
  14. Hi, A while ago i was going through a lot of posts on here and i come across a link to a youtube video showing somebody aquascaping a tank start to finish. I have spent the last hour on here trying to find it, has anybody seen it and remember what the thread was called? many thanks
  15. thanks for the reply. I plan to use it on a 87 gallon tank. I know you said costly but surely cheaper than buying a c02 canister etc etc?
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