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  1. ahh wait, this is the one i have; http://www.plantedtank.net/forums/myplants/190-Ambulia_Limnophila_aquatica.html or this one http://www.plantedtank.net/forums/myplants/72-Asian_Ambulia_Limnophila_sessiliflora.html
  2. Thank you! I was looking for this kind of information!
  3. Wow Federica, what part of Holland were you in?
  4. WOW! I also see that the tank looks like it is outdoors, it looks nice with the bricks.
  5. Well with the plant I found this website: http://keys.lucidcentral.org/keys/aquariumplants2/Aquarium_&_Pond_Plants_of_the_World/key/Aquarium_&_Pond_Plants/Media/Html/Other/Home.html it has an online program which helps you identify aquatic plants and I thought it looked similar to this: http://keys.lucidcentral.org/keys/aquariumplants2/Aquarium_&_Pond_Plants_of_the_World/key/Aquarium_&_Pond_Plants/Media/Html/Fact_sheets/cabomba.html Which states that it is attached to substrate, I also read on another website that it needed to be firmly in the substrate. But I could be wrong, as it says that the sale of this plant/weed is forbidden in Australia
  6. Thanks courtesy of the Tupperware draw in the kitchen
  7. I haven't been on koko's in agesss, I became a bit disinterested in my tank at the thought of having to eventually give my two guys away, then my light bulb started flickering and couldn't start so I gave up, took most of the pebbles out to make it easier to clean and went away for about a month. Now that I'm back however I thought I would do the tank up again; fix the light, add some pebbles and stuff...I call it the student saver design..made my own bubbler deco...thing and used terracotta pots, plants were $4.95 a bunch - I WAS going to use plastic but they are 14.95 a bunch. pff. Anyway the result was cheap and I thought I would get to posting again. Enjoy..maybe. I don't have any before pictures, but it was pretty drab... this is the result about an hour after getting home from the pet store; I bought the wrong light tube, refused to drive back and adjusted the wiring myself haha; seriously aqua-one, a 1cm difference between an 18W and 20W tube? Tank is 30gallons, filter is a fluval 305. Houdini was busted trying to pull the plants up.. Hoover also So I had to put the middle plant in a tub as I read that it needs to be firmly planted, evidently it was the only one that kept being pulled out..
  8. Haha great stories, nice to know it's normal haha.
  9. Hahaha thank you! That cracks me up, it's like they were playing freeze frame haha.
  10. Ok so i live in a very tropical climate and the water is usually about 80 degrees, but we have just had a cold snap and the water is now at 70 degrees. So i went to clean the tank this morning (still am) and i noticed that as soon as i turned off the filter, bubler and powerhead they both sat on the tank bottom, houdini is doing it now, lifeless sitting. Do you think they are in some kind of survival mode? Because their water has never been this cold? Should i put a heater in? It's like they randomly Decide to hibernate, no gill movement nothing. As soon as i touch them they start going for another minute. They have been perfectly fine until now haha. I didnt think this was an emergency just goldfish behaviour.
  11. Haha i dont think they will get more. Apparently Larry doesnt like friends. I just hope he is doing ok when i go in tomorrow. Due to being in the bowl for two years i think he will be ok with the tank while it cycles a little, i used plenty of media from my tank. And i adjusted him to the new tank water gradually.
  12. Meanwhile in the cytotoxic waste room... Larry is now in the tank at reception His water was quite acidic so it took a while to make it go alkaline and match the temp haha. He is very happy and swimming around. The bowl smelled so bad, i made sure i removed him before moving the pebbles in case of septic water. I will take a before and after pic for you guys haha.
  13. They have seen the light! Haha. I offered my 20L this morning, which isnt the best but it's much better with a filter and light and i said, they may need a airpump and bubble wand. She said one of the orderleys had a smaller tank but i described how nice my one was and they said sure. They offered money but i said no please take it
  14. He was actually looking much better this morning. This is all great ideas guys but it's just too busy now for me to try and explain, I'm in theature most days and dont go near reception until the end of the day. I know its selfish of me but i can't continue stressing about it, the other day was the final straw, when you have 6.30am starts and 10 hour days you cant afford to worry. I will offer help when they ask. If he dies, and they get another, i will call the rspca to make a complaint and scare them.
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