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  1. Congratulations on your new fish! I have never met a bubble eye in person. Didn't know they come in Calico either. Very cool.
  2. Do you have a pond or is it from a neighbors pond? I would keep the cat inside for a while.
  3. That's great news. I'm glad she's feeling better.
  4. Awww so beautiful. Love Linebeck. He is gorgeous.
  5. Ahh. He does not look like the ones at Pet*co. Those almost look like that don't have any scales at all. Is that a different phenomena then?
  6. Thanks Fang. At this point I will just wait until the pond is done and it gets a little warmer. Then maybe get a couple of pond comets to start with at Aquarium City my good local store. Then when I've had the pond for a while I think I'll go for one of the nice yellow comets at raingarden... Have to get my confidence up a little bit after all this...
  7. Very pretty!! Congratulations! Do you have a name for him yet?
  8. Do you have a photo of one of them, Fang? I see a lot of very pink ones at my local Pet*co these days. They almost look transparent. Are they the ones you mean?
  9. Great you spoke up! hope you hear back from them soon.
  10. Very cool idea. Thanks for sharing.
  11. Thanks everyone for you good wishes AND for all the help you've given me. You guys are the best.
  12. Thanks CFG. I should tell him, but right now... I really don't want to talk to the guy ever again. He is really defensive so I'm sure LOTS of people have told him. Definitely time to retire for him...
  13. She died. May she rest in peace. I guess seeing all the dead fish in the shop should have told me not to take her home, but she was just sooo pretty.
  14. Thanks Trinket. Ok. I'll leave her like that then.
  15. I have an airstone and the filter does quite a bit of splash, too. Just splashed the water a little bit, too. You have to really stare at her to even see her breathe at all.
  16. Thanks. I just sent you a message,too, so you can disregard that. I got the general cure med. Did a 60% waterchange and put the meds in and also added some salt back. Right now she is just lying on the side or floating to the top hardly breathing.
  17. She started swimming when i tried to take her out, but she is barely alive, just floating on the side. I did a waterchange and put the meds in. This is almost worse. She is just suffering.
  18. She died. When I came home she was dead. I'm so upset right now... Thank you guys for all your help. I think there was nothing more I could have done. At least I hope so...
  19. I will, thanks. I'll put it in after tonights water change.
  20. They have it. I'll pick it up after work.
  21. Thanks Trinket. I'll call them right now.
  22. Thanks trinket . Salt level is 2 tsp per gallon, like you said. Have no meds, but can get to the store after work.
  23. Hmmm. What do you think I should do? Maybe just keeping the water clean and salt for a while and then see?
  24. She was really active in the store almost frantic. She does not do any yawning or heavy breathing though. Would she not do that if she had flukes? She just seems reallt weak.
  25. Asked the shop owner what he feeds his goldies, in case she would like that food better. And he wouldn't tell me. He said he feeds the usual food what everyone else feeds them. Oh well. He thinks once she de-stresses she will eat whatever. I hope he's right. Interesting person, that's for sure...
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