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  1. Congratulations!!! Those two were my favorites at the auction!!
  2. Thanks dnalex. I'll look for prazipro online.
  3. Hi there right now my 1 1/2 long goldies are in my 10G tank. There is two of them. I have the water on 1% salt, ammonia is 0. Should I go up to 3% to fight possible parasites? They come from the feeder tank and I'm pretty sure there are all kinds of nasties in there. Also I'm thinking of doing the prazi treatment i heard mentioned here so often. Where can I get that? Does Pet$mart sell it? Is it the same as "general cure", which I have at home? Sorry about all the questions... just want to make sure they'll be ok. Right now they are really lively and eat and poop a lot like a good gf should.lol One of them seems to be yawning a bit, though... Thanks in advance for your input.
  4. The pond is still in the works. Now that the weather is better it should be done soon.
  5. All of my pond fish are "Feeder fish" rescued from "Death Row" ... now you have me excited to go to my "LFS" to look for an unique colored fish like that ... thanks for sharing ... washingtongoldfish .... tom I think that's what I'm going to do for my pond, too. There are some really pretty ones out there. My two tiny guys are swimming around happy as clams right now. I wish I could find my camera and post some photos...
  6. That looks beautiful. thanks for sharing.
  7. Yes I guess the food entertainement always works. Mine can play with a leaf of salad forever...
  8. Wow. Amazing photos! Have to go check out your youtube videos now.
  9. lol Thanks mj, I hope so, too... They look really healthy, eventhough they are tiny. They make that 15G tub look like Buckingham Palace. lol
  10. Very cool! Should be sooo interesting.
  11. Awww. Such cute little faces. I just love their expressions.
  12. I think I can detect a tiny bit of orange on this one, too, but at least he'll be "blue" for a little while. Got him this morning with a little buddy that also swam into the net... They're both like 1 1/2 inches.
  13. Congratulations on your new fish! Pictures, please..lol What kind did you end up getting?
  14. I have a 15 g tub with filter... Well, if it's still there tomorrow I think I might get it....
  15. Thank you, Thank you. You are a really good enabler.
  16. He's definitely not green, but like steel gray. He's 23 cents, but it's such a heart ache if something happens to them. But I think I might have to get him... at least he wont be someones dinner...
  17. Just had to buy some pet food and of course couldn't resist looking at all the gf. And there in the feeder tank was a really cute steel gray comet (at least I think it was a comet, kind of looked like a common/fan tail cross). It was so pretty. Are those pretty common? I've never seen one that color before... I'm scared to get another fish after what happened with the last one, but then again Peter and Paul/ine have been with me for 1 year already...
  18. Yes, I agree... no point to it. And then to prove that no fish were harmed he shakes the bowl?! I could not watch it with the sound on. Did they mention a reason for this "test"?
  19. Wow. He is pretty. Amazing how his coloring changed, too.
  20. Kerstin

    Number 5

    What a pretty looking betta. Congratulations!
  21. Mine take naps every now and then, but really go to sleep around 10:30 in the evening, whether I switch off the light at that time or not. I'm glad to see some of your fishies take naps,too. I always get worried when they do, like there just could be something wrong with them....
  22. Kerstin


    Congratulations. What a cutie.
  23. They look beautiful! How did you make them stick to the rocks like that?
  24. Wow, he looks so stunning all flared! Cool. :-)
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