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  1. Hi there, Just got three of his fish last week for my pond. I just chose them from the photos. Asked the general questions about how old they are and if they are male or female. I'm really pleased with them.
  2. Beautiful fish!! And I love the way you did your tank,too.
  3. Beautiful fish and beautiful tank, too. They look really happy.
  4. Very pretty. Did you just get them?
  5. I ordered one of his yellow comets and a white one and a shubunkin for my pond. They'll arrive on Thursday hopefully. Can't wait. I've been looking at those yellow ones for ages...
  6. Thanks Fang. It's 8 by 6 feet and about 30 deep. We did dig a little bit... The new treated lumber has no arsenic or chromeium (spelling) in it anymore so as long as they are not submersed in the pond water they should be fine. That's good to know. Thanks J-pond.
  7. Wow that tank looks enourmous. So cool! Can't wait to see it with fish in it.
  8. Thanks. I was thinking about treated boards. Have to see if there are no bad chemicals in there... Thanks Fang. It's 8 by 6 feet and about 30 deep. We did dig a little bit...
  9. Thanks rlw. I saw in an other thread that you got a RG fish, too? Do they usually do well in shipping? My other comets are pet shop fish, so I'm new to the whole shipping thing.
  10. Hi, here are my three new guys for the pond: IMG]http://i1100.photobucket.com/albums/g419/snufflesrules/yellowcomet.jpg[/img] IMG]http://i1100.photobucket.com/albums/g419/snufflesrules/shubunkinrg.jpg[/img] IMG]http://i1100.photobucket.com/albums/g419/snufflesrules/whitegoldie.jpg[/img] hope these work...
  11. Here it is. Getting plants today and still wondering how to beautify the top a little bit. Any ideas welcome. IMG]http://i1100.photobucket.com/albums/g419/snufflesrules/023.jpg
  12. Wow, I've never seen comets with such beautiful tails. Amazing!
  13. Love it. It looks amazing! Thanks for sharing.
  14. Congratulations! Beautiful betta. i Love his tank, too.
  15. So sorry to hear that. But you did all you could.
  16. oooohhh that's exciting! Did you find them in the big tank? Any idea who the lucky parents might be?
  17. Thanks guys. @ Kulukan: He said just to let him know when I'm ready. But I think we're both kind of thinking a week or two. Just had to give 50% down payment. He's really nice and gave me some useful advise for the pond, too.
  18. Thanks Allie. Can't wait til it's all done. Just did a down payment on the two Raingarden Fish and he'll hold them for me until everything is good and ready.
  19. That's brilliant news!! I'm so happy for you!
  20. Hi there, tomorrow the pond should be done! Did the "shell" today with rail road ties. It's about 6 feet by 8 feet and almost 30 inches deep, which I guess should be abou 600G. Tomorrow we'll do the sand at the bottom, roofing felt and on top the pond liner. Keep your fingers crossed that we don't get any nasty surprises. Will post photos on monday. I'm sooo excited! Hope everything works out ok. Saw a couple of nice goldies on raingarden, a common and a comet. i'll see if he would hold them for me for a week or so... Then with Neptune and Poseidon that would be 4 fish, but I'll want those two to grow a tiny little bit first...
  21. Those are amazing looking fish! Congratulations!
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