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    Wow. They are both stunning looking!
  2. Thanks. I will. I was wondering if maybe he is just getting old. He was fully grown when I got him, so who knows...
  3. Thanks Kateana, I'll check that one out. I was planning to do a sponge filter after I saw Fangs post. That looks really easy. As for his tail: he is a spade tail.
  4. We do the mirror thing sometimes and I do sit with him a bit and he does come to the top or the front of the tank for that, but it seems it's taking him a lot more energy to do so than before and he seems to sink to the ground repeatedly.
  5. Thanks for your replies. He's does not have a filter. Just a bubble stone and that's been in there for about 4 months. I've tried lots of small filters, but they kept breaking on me so I settled on just the bubble stone.
  6. Hi there, I got Gandalf my betta about 8 months ago @ pet$mart. He was always really active, but recently he's getting pretty lethargic for lack of a better word. He just lies around most of the time in different places and seems to have trouble staying at the top of the water. Always comes up for food really quick though. Does not seem bloated. Tank: 2.5 G heated ammonia: 0 nitrites: 0 nitrates: not quite sure, but really low on the color scale (has live plants in his tank) waterchanges: 3 times per week food: 3 hikari betta pellets, blood worms, pea once a week (small piece, not the whole thing. Any ideas? Thanks.
  7. What a beautiful new home! Bet she loves it. Just read how you made the sponge filter. Did you use bio-balls from the goldie tank or use new ones?
  8. Mine are all covered, mainly to keep my cats from sticking their paws in the water.
  9. They're both really pretty. Love the coloring on Donna especially. Makes me want to get a little betta girl...
  10. I have those for my goldies. I put portions in ziploc bags. But how would you even know if they are no good anymore?
  11. I really like my acylic 55G. It seems break proof. Even got hit with a soccer ball once and survived without even a scratch... ( soccer balls were banned in the house after that. lol)
  12. WOW!!! Awsome! What an amazing tank. Congratulations!
  13. Congratulations!!! He is amazing. Can't wait for more photos.
  14. Kerstin

    New Addition

    Very pretty. Looks like an unusual coloring.
  15. Wow, beautiful. Thanks for sharing.
  16. Amazing fish. So beautiful, all of them!
  17. He looks amazing! Hope you get him. When will you know?
  18. Those are beautiful. Love the little Telescope.
  19. did a 50% waterchange and added the salt.
  20. Ok. Thanks Stakos and Fang. I'll do fewer but bigger changes then.
  21. Thanks Stakos. 1 will add the salt. I do change 5 G every second day, which is more than 50% every week. Do you think I should do bigger changes less often? I like to syphon out the left over food. The 20 G is just their QT tank. They are supposed to go in my pond once I know that they are healthy, but I want to make sure of that first as I have 3 big guys out there already.
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