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  1. Finally got my new 55G tank last week! It's wonderful seeing my little guys have so much room to swim around in. :-) they seem to really be enjoying themselves, checking out the new ornaments and stuff. I'll post photos as soon as I have a minute to take some. As we just moved into a new house ourselves there is still a lot of unpacking to do... Now I just have to wait for the whole cycling thing to start again...but I think I'll be better prepared this time. :-)
  2. Thanks. It sure took a weight of my shoulders once they were safe and happy. I'll post photos of the new tank. Haven't quite decided how to "furnish" it yet. Sooo looking forward to getting them all new stuff for their future home. :-)
  3. Hi there, just wanted to let you all know that the move went fine and everyone is doing well. Thank you so much for your help. The new tank is coming next week. Can't wait :-)
  4. Ok I'll definitely empty out my tank after reading your post. Wouldn't want to break the tank or my back. Thanks Koko. :-)
  5. Thanks Tay. I'll see if my fish store sells Aquaclear filters. Are they easy to take care of? Also if you think that's better I'll put my two guys in the new tank while it is cycling. If I wanted to add some Danios after the cycling is done should I quarantene (sp?) them first? And how many do you think I could get without making it too crowded?
  6. I have gravel, but after reading this site it looks like it's too small for a goldfish tank, because they can put it in their mouth.... and they've tried that already. So I think I don't want to use the same gravel in the new one. Maybe I can put one of the old decorations in there for a while. I also want to keep the old tank going until the new one is cycled. Don't want to put my guys through that again. I was thinking of getting some Danios for that? As for the filter media: All I have in the old tank is one of those Whispa (sp?) filters with a carbon insert. What kind of media should I have in there? Or should I transfer the carbon insert? (Sorry I'm all new to this...)
  7. lol. No not set up yet. They are still painting and putting carpets in the new place. So I'll get it next week. Can't wait! I bet they like that a lot more, even though they're only about 1 1/2 to 2 inches big right now. :-) Should give them so much room to play.
  8. Thanks for the info Tay. Yes, I definitely don't want to go throught the whole cycling thing again if I can avoid it. :-) Moving the goldies is kind of stressing me out more than moving the rest of the household...
  9. Thanks Tay No, haven't tested the water yet. Good idea. I'll do that today. So you think I should move the fish and the decorations into a bucket with the old water? I shouldn't just leave them in the tank?
  10. Hi there, we are moving to a new house on monday and I was wondering how I should move my fish. It's a 10G tank with two little comets. (upgrading to a 55G next week now that we're going to have more room) The new place is just 5 minutes away so I was wondering if I could just take the decorations and 2/3 of the water out and move the tank on a board in the car? Would that be to risky? It's a Topfin plastic tank. Also, should I take a few gallons of water from the old house or would they be fine if I just used the water from the new place. It's city water. Thank you for your help. Kerstin
  11. That would be interesting to know. I am in Woodland Hills and there are Aquarium shops, but they don't seem to be interested in Goldies much...
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