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  1. Oh my gosh! Looks like your going to have your hands full. Keeping my fingers crossed for you that all runs smoothly. Two hours does not seem to be too bad. Any snow?
  2. Congratulations! Can't wait to see photos. :-)
  3. 2nd day in salt today, but still smelly.
  4. She looks slightly tilted now. I'll leave her alone for a while...
  5. No luck with freeze dried brine shrimp and regular food either. I'm going to call the guy in the pet shop to see what he feeds them.
  6. Did a 70% water change. Water kind of smelled funny. Only had about 0.25 ammonia, though. Made some peas for her but she was not interested at all. Even tried to hand feed but she just looked at it. I'll try some regular food but I'm sure she wont want that either.
  7. I hope so. I'll do another waterchange in a minute and try and see if she would like to eat some pea with garlic maybe. She is still just hovering in a corner of her tub.
  8. Thanks Seymoura. i think we're both slightly stressed at this point.
  9. Thank you. She is in a quiet place now. She has her own room. Yes, doing daily water changes. I put media from the old tank, but so far that hasn't made any difference as far as the ammonia levels go. I'll check the ammonia levels right now and then add some salt after the water change.
  10. Put some salt this morning. I finish work in a few minutes and go home. Then I can see if it made a difference. She was in the tub for about 1/2 before I left and I could see no difference then.
  11. Hi Trinket. Thanks for your reply. She was actuallty the only fish in her tank, but I think that all the goldie tanks probably share a filtration system. ALL the tanks were really dirty. And I have never seen so many dead fish in a shop before. The owner is ancient so he does not see well at all... I mentioned something and he told me that he's been doing it for 45 years and knows what he's doing. He put her in an bag without oxygen and just kind of blew air into the bag with his mouth... About my goldie he said that she is full of eggs and that's the reason she is so fat. But none of her scales are raised so I don't think she has dropsy. The poop was loooong about 5-6 inches every time and dark, but flat not round. Now she wont eat anything. No interest at all and she seems very weak. When I put her in a bowl to move her to the bigger tub she did not even put up a fuss. I quite worried at this point. Any advise will be sooo greatly appreciated.
  12. Thank you. I put 15 tea spoons so far. Wasn't sure if you are supposed to raise the salt level gradually? I'll put some more when I get back from work in a couple of hours...
  13. Wow, they are stunning. All of them
  14. Just put her in the big tub. It's in a quiet place so maybe she'll settle in better... Put some salt, too.
  15. Thanks. Do I put aquarium salt? Like the tablespoon for 5G?
  16. Hi there, the new common I got this weekend is still bottom sitting. Any ideas? QT: 18 G Ammonia : slightly under 0.25 Nitrite :0 PH; 0ver 7.8 Food: not eating, tried to give her peas and goldfish connection salmon flakes The gentleman in the shop said that she was ready to lay eggs on Sunday, because she was so big. When she came home with us she pooed long long poops all day, but so far no eggs. Maybe she was just constipated. The water in the stoore looke horrible. Lots of dead fish, but not in her tank. SHe was by herself swimming franticly. Got her a new bigger tub this morning (36G). It's still filling up. Will mover her later. Maybe that will give her some incentive to swim and the ammonia will not go up so quickly. She is breathing normally and her fins are not clamped. Thanks you guys in advance for any comments. Don't know what I would do without you.
  17. Maybe I should try to cover it. Our house is like a Zoo.
  18. I tried the peas, but she wont eat them. She does not want any food right now for some reason... Probably I'll look for a larger tub.
  19. I think I'll have to do twice daily 70% changes at this point. And I'll keep adding the Nutrafin cycle. Wish I knew if she was healthy, then I could just put her in my 55G tank for a bit, but I don't want to get my other two sick with anything...
  20. Did it stick out of the water when you took the water out? So lucky your fish are ok.
  21. Good luck! I hope things go smoothly! How exciting! Thanks Seymoura. My amply proportioned fish needs more room . ;D
  22. Thanks Fang. Yes, she is one big girl (and a little f-a-t, but don't tell her I said so.) I think her body is longer than Hugo's, but Hugo makes up for it with her long flowing fins.
  23. No thread yet. I bought all the materials. It'll be an above ground pond made from railroad ties with a pondliner in it. On the internet it said it wont take longer than 2 hours to put together. I've kept the weekend open as I usually take waaaaayyy longer than those handy people on the internet. lol I'll post photos once we get started. It should end up being about 400-500 Gallons if I calculated right. So I hope she wont have to stay in the tub for more than a week...
  24. Very cool background. So 50s. Love the photo where Hugo is a blurry because she's so fast :-)
  25. What a lovely tank. Great idea.
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