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  1. Thanks for your help Helen. I think she'll just have to go naturally. I don't think I can do the clove oil... Thanks for your support.
  2. not reacting to food or my hand being right there. And barely breathing. You have to really look hard to see any movement at all.
  3. she is lying against one of the decorations kind of in C, yes. And her mouth is half open and not moving. But she is still breathing a little bit. Can't upload a photo, because the camera is at work.
  4. Just got home and she is barely moving at all, just lying on her side. Should I still move her to the other tank?
  5. no, but I can pick some up at the pharmacy on the way home.
  6. ok. thanks. I have the aquarium salt at home. What and how will I feed her with the syringe?
  7. The last time she ate was two days ago. How much would 0.05 salt be in teaspoons?
  8. Should I get the syringe for feeding also?
  9. Thanks. I can do that as soon as I get home from work which would be in about 1 hour.
  10. They look healthy to me. So you think I should use the 20G instead of a colander?
  11. She is not eating since yesterday, but I can definitely get a syringe on the way home from work to try and feed her with. The feeder tank is cycled. They have been in there for a few months, just haven't put them in the pond yet. They have been through salt treatment, but no prazi. They seem healthy. It has the same ph and temp as the other tank. Thanks for your help.
  12. Oh as for qt. The only place I'd have for her would be the 20G with the two little feeders in it. I guess I could put them with Pete, if you think that would be a good idea?
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