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  1. I just tested my water. At the spigot outside(I have a softener inside) I have somewhere around 7.6 on the pH scale.
  2. I have a marine land magna flow 360 canister filter. I redid my test tonight I must've done it wrong the other day. My ammonia is 0, nitrites 0, and nitrates 80-160. Also, I have a ph of like 8.2. So I just need to clean everything right? Cut down the bacteria... Also, pH is high Im guessing as I have well water. I battle a high ph in my hot tub all the time. What's the best chemical to lower pH? Thanks, Joey
  3. OK, so I'm out of practice. I need some help. I'm sure at times we've all been bad fish keepers, so I'd appreciate help instead of negative comments. My newest tank set up wasnt cycled at startup. At this point, my parameters are high In Amonia and low or no nitrites or nitrates. My tank is been running for a few months. No fish have died--aside from one snail. I started out using either a quick start or a safe start with bacteria, but obviously the tank never cycled. At this point, I realize I may lose fish, but how should I best proceed? Should I worry about adding bacteria from bottles, or should I just start doing water changes? I guess what I'm confused about, is that the fish have been there for months now and there is no bacteria. Does ammonia kill good bacteria off and prevent it from growing? I assume I just need to follow the cycling with fish instructions? Thanks, Joey
  4. Okay, but you guys didn't answer my question. I was asking about the tank filtration. Not about the goldfish. I already got an amazing deal on this tank. It's not going back. Even if I need to keep other things in it, it's what's I've got.
  5. Hey guys! It's been a while. Nursing school killed my goldfish game, but now I'm back in full swing and have my RN credentials to boot! Anyway, living in Montana now! Woot! So I bought a tank finally and plan to move some goldies in soon. I bought a 54 gallon aqueon corner tank and like a good fish keeper, I bought one of the biggest filters I could find. Ran into a problem... The lid won't close, thus the filter won't fit. Anyone have experience with this aquarium? Will I need to go to a canister filter? I want my fish to thrive, not just live. Anyway, I'm super excited, just not sure what to do and I've never had experience with a canister, so just kind of preferred hanging basket filters. Thanks for still being here guys!
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