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  1. Oh, in that case you should let it grow out with other smaller fish in the 75 gallon pond before putting it with bigger fish. It's safe and water pressure won't kill them at that level...
  2. I have some blackmoor and blackmoor x ranchu fry ranging from 1 inch - 2 inch long. I keep them in my 400 gallon pond with my other goldfishies that are up to 6 inch and they've been doing fine.They grow really fast in a big environment compared to the 30 gallon pond I raised them in. The pond's about 2.5 feet deep. So yeah, just make sure the little fishies can't fit inside the mouth and that they're good/fast swimmers... otherwise there's a chance they may become the adult fish's lunch. Keep the water filtered + oxygenated as usual and the goldfish fry will thrive
  3. I filmed this while I was on holidays in Taiwan. Scary aye? There's so many koi in that pond. They're literally swimming on top of each other at some moments. >.>
  4. Wow. Those fish look so cool. The colour, patterns, and shape (Y) In pic #5 one of the fishies looks dead.
  5. Hey goldfishers,I'm just curious what the offspring would look like if a male blackmoor were to spawn with a female red cap oranda, because currently my blackmoor has those breeding tubercles and it's chasing the oranda. Does anyone have pics?
  6. Ellie looks cool Is that lump thing on her head a 'wen'? If it is, it sure looks unique from the ones that I normally see
  7. Oh cool, never heard of the nymph goldfish term before. She's approx. 5 inches from head to tail. Four times bigger than she was half a year ago. I have a 20 gallon tank but I only house a 1 blackmoor and 1 blackmoor-turned orange now. I took the Pig to the pond outside. Most of the fish in the photos were in the tank while I was doing maintenance work on the pond. Thanks for the replies everyone *The green-water pond days
  8. This is 'Pig' who is a mother to a couple of fish in my pond that turned out like shubunkins cos they were mixed with a comet. Pig is single tailed. She's very fat,especially when viewed from the top hence the name. I'm not sure what type she is so any ideas please? Thanks
  9. I like the mainly white one with orange fins. Really nice fish btw!
  10. rymnd

    Betta Containers

    Heys, I've always wanted a betta but I got a stack of questions: Why is the water blue? I've seen it in my LFS before but never got around to asking. Oh, and are filters necessary for these type of fish? And do they create alot of waste?
  11. wow. So many beautiful fish I'd love to go to a goldfish/koi show someday. There might be some in NSW Australia but most of them are usually too far away
  12. I have a couple of fish in my pond that have a gill cover turned out like your fish. Not a pretty sight though. Could be a deformity or it got damaged by rocks or something.
  13. Might sound silly but I have some reasoning.... I've been reading around and some people say no snail would eat faeces but I myself have seen my apple snails eat long strands of fish poop if they happen to travel over it. Just wondering, would it be good if I obtained many apple snails in my pond to recycle the big fish poop that settles at the bottom into smaller particles that can be more easily sucked into the filter or vacuumed away? I read about snails increasing the bioload thingy but wouldn't the lightweight waste be removed heaps faster by the biological and mechanial filtration of the pond filter combined with water hyacinths, duckweed, and water lillies tied to bricks, providing a natural filtration? Post your thoughts and ideas~
  14. It's about 400 gallons. There's about 100 fish in there. Most of them are 1.5inches. Think it's overstocked atm by alot... I need to sell them or something. There used to be only 8 fish in there but they spawned and my dad wanted to save most of the eggs. T_T This is the filter I'm using http://thepondshop.bizshop.com.au/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=25_44&products_id=992
  15. Hey fishkeepers, I'm pretty nooby at fishkeeping and I recently got the water in my pond clear again but I noticed that heaps of fish faeces stays on the bottom of the pond and doesn't get sucked into the filter.I don't want the water to be filthy again... Do I have to get a net and scoop out the faeces everyday or will it break down and then get sucked up?
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