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  1. I bet your betta loves it!
  2. It is a heavy root feeder so plant it in the substrate.
  3. That has to be the cutest picture ever!
  4. Your HUGE angel makes that tank look small! It looks great
  5. Well us awesome people think alike I already have half of the plants posted. I have Banana plants, onion plants, the plant Shawn posted, a few that Jess did, etc. So it should be a manageable amount of plants to find and order Thank you all!
  6. They are gorgeous! Where did you get them from?
  7. Did you get most of yours from PAC? I am trying to find them on there but most I cannot find. It is likely that I am just looking for the picture and she has a picture from a different growth state/lighting. I will look all these up tomorrow! Thanks for everyones' suggestions
  8. That is so cool! And your dog is adorable Will you update with pictures after fish are added?
  9. I would add the airstone simply to make sure that there is oxygen in the water.
  10. Hi all! I am redoing the tropical tank as there was a weird massive plant die off. It probably had a lot to do with my general laziness. So I cleaned it up and am sort of starting over. I also cleaned up the 180 a bit. Then on Monday I will be putting in a massive plant order online. So I want to know what your FAVORITE plant is. Just give me one plant. It can be low light through high light. My tropical tank runs high light with CO2 and my 180 is medium light. So if it cannot go in one tank, it can go in the other. And if possible, post a picture. Thank you all!
  11. It is the one that Jess recommended. I think it is .1 x 1000 american weight scale. I got it on Amazon for about $8.
  12. I so want to steal your tanks! But that would surely make a mess Lovely as always
  13. I don't really want to move them into the 180 because of all the issues the fish have had in that tank. But it might be better for them if I cannot find a house this year.
  14. So you notice any fish pecking/picking at him? My oranda had a wen injury that was worsened by a fellow goldie eating at his wen
  15. They are part ryukin and either oranda or telescope.
  16. I have two ranchus in my tank, one being about 1 inch in length, and they have no issues with the fx5
  17. Well if you are doing those water changes daily then you don't really need a filter. However, I would still have something to keep the water moving. You will probably lose any cycle that you had though. May I ask why the daily water changes?
  18. They are so cute! I love that stage
  19. My calico ryukins have kept all their black. They may have gained more orange but it is hard to tell. Their orange has really deepened into a nice red.
  20. We have a pest guy that comes and sprays around the house. Never had an issue with bugs or fish deaths. It isn't an airborne spray but one sprayed everywhere the wall meets the floor on the outside walls.
  21. Thank you two they are back to their normal selves today.
  22. I wish I could thank you enough for helping me get the little cutie! I always laugh when I think about how your coworkers deemed him a pregnant female The thing that got me the most was that they were arguing with me about it lol
  23. This is a few days early but I had the time so I decided to do a "short" video update on these guys. I upgraded them from a 10 gallon tank with an AquaClear filter to a 20 gallon tank and Tetra Whisper filter. And I needed to weigh them as well. Pea 7/25 - 3.1 8/1 - 4.5 9/2 - 5.8 2.7 gram increase in 5 weeks. Nut 7/25 - 2.5 8/1 - 3.2 9/2 - 4.3 1.8 gram increase in 5 weeks. Butter 7/25 - 3.5 8/1 - 4.6 9/2 - 5.0 1.5 gram increase in 5 weeks. So Pea went from being the middle fry to the biggest. She has also grown the most in 5 weeks. Nut is still the smallest, but at her growth rate, she may pass up Butter in no time. And Butter was the biggest but has shown the slowest growth. I think it hast to do with her slimmer body. She is a crazy fish and all over the tank. So maybe she burns off the food faster? She is definitely getting food as she is the only one that hand feeds. And the whole reason for this post Thanks for watching/reading!!!
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