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  1. The four days will be fine. As fry, they will produce little waste and allow for the sponge filter to catch up. Congrats and good luck
  2. Expect to see a lot more because they breed like crazy
  3. I do this too. My water pressure sucks...or doesn't it takes only about 30 minutes to drain my 180. The only thing I had to do was make sure to cover the siphon since it gets much better suction.
  4. I don't know how I missed this! They both have such huge eyes
  5. My goldies are too uncoordinated to catch a bug. However, my turtles caught two yellow jackets last year.
  6. I have TMS and it is so easy to clean. The fish stir it up enough that it doesn't get gross pockets. You will want to add another filter to the C4. I would suggest an Aquaclear 70. We really only ok less than 10x filtration with a canister filter. However, I run canisters on my tanks and still aim for 10x.
  7. Congrats!!! Was it an actual stand made for the tank or just something you knew would work?
  8. He is growing well! 3 grams isn't small . My three are just a gram bigger which isn't much.
  9. It is gorgeous! I think barebottom tanks look great. My issue was that my tank is so large that it looked silly. I am definitely going to try it on my 60 when I move.
  10. Can you imagine cycling my tank with it? That would be 90 drops over and over again
  11. They could have also turned off the valve on the hose and left the water on. I have a four year old python and it gives me 0 problems if used correctly.
  12. My monsters got baby brine shrimp until they were about 3 months old. At that age, they were all about the size of dimes in body.
  13. They are going through a great growth spurt!
  14. My petsmart carries the 110 for $78. I think it might be a supply and demand thing.
  15. Congrats! And it is great to see they made it so well.
  16. What I was saying about young fish and spawning slowing their growth is that the younger they start, the smaller they will be. So a young 6 month old angel that starts spawning will grow slower than an angel of the same age that doesn't spawn. I do disagree with the taller tank idea. A larger surface area is better for all fish. So a standard 55 would be better than a tall 55. Angels do get tall, but not really tall enough to outgrow a decent sized tank. My biggest ever male did just fine in a 20 gallon long. Daniel, if you have a mated pair, a 20 gallon will be enough for them. However, if you don't have a mated pair, I would try for a 30. I am lucky, I have four females in a 55 and they get along very well.
  17. When young angels start to breed it does slow their growth down. If you were to separate them, their growth would speed up again. Just because they are smaller doesn't mean that they are stunted. A 75 would be fine for two pairs since it gives them enough room to stake out their own territory.
  18. Congrats!!! My butterfly used to look like your guy. He is all white now lol
  19. Goodluck! Sadly, the change from toxic water to clean water may have been too much for them. Then add in the move.
  20. I don't know how I missed this thread! You did an amazing job! My stand is custom made by someone else and not nearly as nice as yours. I might have to make a new one with your method
  21. Ohhhh congrats!!! I love the story of you finding him
  22. The tank looks great! It is so odd to see substrate in one of your tanks
  23. My mother plant has a bulb but all of its babies don't. They all do fine.
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