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  1. Congrats on the move and new fisg and tank! I will be moving shortly too and expect it to be very stressful.
  2. I had the mega jebo uv. It comes with its own pump but I rigged it into my monster canister. I can honestly say that I didn't notice any changes in health for my fish, but it did a great job of throwing off my cycle
  3. ? $13 an hour STARTING and full benefits??? That's definitely great pay to me!!! I had to work years to get to where I am now...which is this exact level I get paid less than that and have worked for this company for 8.5 years! Good luck with everything.
  4. I hope the rest make it through. Prazi really seems to help prevent losses in fry that are a few weeks old.
  5. Jess is correct. The UV in that canister is for green water only. So don't get it If you want it for bacteria.
  6. I have no comment on the mouth thing... But you have a cutie!!!
  7. They can. Mine don't since there is virtually no stem and all leaf.
  8. They look great Hidr! And I cannot wait to see them grow. Jess, all my plants are mixed in together as well
  9. It will be a lot easier to identify the plant once it grows some submerged leaves. That is, if it is a true aquatic plant. It definitely is not an umbrella plant
  10. I have no problem using sprays and nail polish remover in the same room as my tank. I am actually only two feet away from the tank when I remove my nail polish. The fish have no issues. I've even use roach spray in my room all the time (there is a tree oustide my room that makes a great path into my house)
  11. My tanks are in the basement so a heater is a must. We also have a dehumidifier in the room which helps keep it a bit warmer.
  12. There is no certain size. If you think about humans, we all grow at different rates. So some fish have early growth sourts and some have later.
  13. My basement tanks have no lids at all. I chalk it up to laziness. The Professor has a lid though. He likes to get frisky every now and then and jump. I don't have the backs on his lids though.
  14. Congrats! I never have any luck with those.
  15. I love my fluvals! I will never own another brand. I've never had a leak or any issue at all. I switched after having a horrible time with a different brand.
  16. I am a firm believer in 10x even with canisters. So I would go with two filters. That looks like a great deal.
  17. Congrats! The top you made looks great too!
  18. CONGRATS!!!!! This is very exciting
  19. 1. yafashelli 2. Hidr 3. kiwikacey 4. Mjbubbles 5. Ashlee18
  20. I have four filters on my big tank and they all do just fine I might be the only one who runs just one filter on a tank...
  21. I got some vals from Chelsea and the poor leaves had all "melted" off. They were all yellow and mushy. I just planted the roots in the substrate and they are surviving!
  22. You dose with the regular schedule. So 1/4th teaspoon after a water change. You want to make sure it stays in for 3 days before doing another water change. Add prazi once a week on the same day. I did mine for 5 rounds.
  23. So sorry that you are going through this Emily I would be all over that 55 if the government didn't shut down and delay my house buying process.
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