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  1. Do you have a sponge filter? Try to get one and set it up in the main tank until the fry are two weeks old. You will want to start prazi at the two week mark. Do you have a smaller tank you can set them up in? A smaller tank will be beneficial to help them find food and you will use less prazi when treating them. I treated my guys in a 3 gallon for the first two weeks and then a 10 gallon once they hit one month. But apparently, mine were fast growers.
  2. Egg is always the messiest but it is very nutritious My one egg finally hatched lol
  3. I didn't have any issues with females and male guppies. However, the one male betta I had in the tank would go after the male guppies and angelfish. So he got moved into his own tank.
  4. I have to say, the only tetras I had that were nippers were black neon tetras. All other tetras were not an issue. You could do neons, cardinals, danios, glolight tetras, etc. Or platies/ guppies of the same sex. I really want to add some cardinal tetras to my tank once I move.
  5. I will try. I really love it and it grows easily. But right bow it looks like this...only not that bad http://rxwildlife.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2006/08/aphids.jpg
  6. I will try the soap first then since I already have it lol Thanks guys!
  7. Pretty much anything would be compatible with a female betta. You can go tropical community or cichlid. I had angels, rams and tetras with my girls. The girls ignored all the other fish with the exception of each other.
  8. I have five and a mutant. They are my all time favorites. I think they are fine with orandas as long as they are close in size. Since butterflies are so clumsy, it is harder for them to get away from a faster fish. And a bigger and faster bully could spell disaster.
  9. Do you want some water sprite? I have to thin down the goldfish tanks for moving. These are bug free.
  10. I will admit that I was trying an experiement on one of my tanks to see how high the nitrates would get (don't freak out! It is a heavily planted tank and the nitrates never got above 5). After 3 weeks I got nervous and did a huge water change. The fish spawned for the first time for me two days later. I think this also coincided with a weather change.
  11. The position of the dorsal doesn't have anything to do with the breed. One of my butterfly telescopes has almost the exact same fins as the OP has posted. As far as the breeder knew, he is a 100% butterfly that should have been culled. The breeder had the past three generations so could say that the chances of any other breed being present were very slim.
  12. Looks like an oranda with a stubby tail just like my tele
  13. I do! Unfortunately, it is covered in these darn aphids that I cannot get rid ofa
  14. We also need to know what kind of filter is on there. With the small water changes and heavy bioload, it needs to be a HUGE filter to keep up. So first step of advice, you need to think about doing larger weekly water changes once you figure out your pH from tap and tank.
  15. I wish I could but they are killing the plants I try that but the fish just cannot keep up. Plus some of them either just don't care or can't see it. So the little buggers just float back up and climb back on. I will have to try that!
  16. I have an aphid problem! They are all over my floating plants. I have tried "drowning" them in a bucket by submerging all the floating plants. I have brushed them off each time I see them. I have even PPed (ummmmmmm....is that a word? ) everything twice. And still! The stupid aphids are over taking the floating plants. The only thing I haven't tried is tossing majority of the plants and starting over with just a few that I know are pest free. But this sounds like such a waste to me. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  17. Wow! I have never seen that many big goldies in real life! Did that lady sneak up on you
  18. To me, I would say that she is just on the verge of being overweight. Not something to worry too much about, but I would slighly lessen her food.
  19. There are two different types of bulbs. T5s have the lower wattage while the t5ho has the higher. This is how you can have two bulbs at the same length but different watts.
  20. There isn't a guide but you can tell by looking. If you are worried about a specific fish, you can always post it here.
  21. They certainly can be. It causes a great stain on their organs just like it does for humans.
  22. OK that dont sound good...At all. When I say monster UV. I mean 29 watt
  23. I have this one on my planted tropical tank. I also add CO2 to it as well. It is for my standard 55. http://www.ebay.com/itm/T5-Quad-48-Timer-6500K-Aquarium-Light-Freshwater-Discus-Plant-216W-LED-Fan-Legs-/300922406829?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item46105f87ad
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