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  1. Congrats! You did get a good deal on a brand new tank mine new with stand costs about $500
  2. Thank you everyone Unfortunately, I think Kyle is stunted. She has gotten only a little bigger since I got her over two years ago. And thank Shell. It is wrapping paper lol I need to replace it soon because it has gotten wet in the back from the bubble wand.
  3. I thought that mostly white tele would be perfect for Helen They are all so gorgeous!
  4. Kulukan has one http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/topic/95501-a-change-of-plans/page__hl__shukin__fromsearch__1
  5. Look at all the chubby cheeks!!!! I might steal one or two...or the whole tub.
  6. This is a new update of my tanks. This is actually a week old since youtube takes forever to upload my videos and I needed to commit a night to it. The algae is gone from both of the covered tanks and Stan is back in the 180.
  7. My python doesn't have good suction either. But that is due to poor water pressure in the house as a whole. So I use a large siphon and stick the end into a hose which goes out the door. Then just use the python to fill it up. Now that I think of it, my python is over 2 years old and needs a few parts replaced.
  8. The hillstream loach needs to be in groups. If I remember correctly, you need a group of 4 or more.
  9. Wow! Those fish are BEAUTIFUL! You are so lucky to have such an awesome LFS. And your goldies are so lucky to have such an awesome tank
  10. What type of lighting do you want to do? High/low light? High/low tech? What we recommends all depends on what you can do.
  11. I was going to say ludwigia reapens too. I have one in my tank that is just getting bushier and not taller
  12. He is beautiful! It is hard to say if he is a HMPK, you would need a full flare shot and a pic of the rays in the fins.
  13. She is soooo pretty! And the reason why I am slowly getting the 55 ready for one
  14. I just wanted to add this bit. It is extremely rare for the males and females to get that big. Most males top out at around 4.5 inches and females around 4. The long fin variety may get a touch longer but their overall body length is the same.
  15. If you are refilling with a bucket you only need prime for the new water. So if your bucket holds 4 gallons, you treat for the 4 gallons. If you are using a water changer attached to your faucet, then you need to treat for the entire volume of the tank.
  16. It is sooooo good to see all of them healthy again . You did a great job.
  17. ^yep. Your water doesn't have the ability to buffer itself.
  18. I have about 4 20 gallon tanks and 1 60 that are empty. It would be such a pain though.
  19. ashlee18


    He is so pretty! I didn't even notice the skulls until you said something. And then I couldn't find them in the tank. I was all, "what is she talking about." He isn't a dragon scale because white dragon scales are only found as platinums. But I think Barnaby is way more special than a platinum dragonscale
  20. Oh, I was watching the juvie oscars at petco today and they were already picking on each other. I cannot imagine a goldie in there with them.
  21. I don't know why I said 50%. I do about 80% on the current 55. But I figured out a solution to my problem. I put my old fluval fx5 on the 180 and will add back the 3 from the 55. With the soilent green, they aren't floating anymore anyway. So I figure a trial run back in the main tank is in order.
  22. Oh yay. Thanks guys! The forum you mentioned Tim is the one I joined but never got an activation link. I will have to go back and double check my spam folder though. The one thing I don't have is a lid. I broke the last one. And luckily for me, this will be my 3rd tank type. I have the 2 goldies and a planted tropical tank with lots of small fish. So one large guy won't bother me. And I also will just continue the same water change schedule that I already have. Which is 50% on all the tanks
  23. I have a regular 55 I can see if I can find a breeder anywhere around here and swap it into the current 55s spot.
  24. I love it too! So much so that I have an unopened gallon of it sitting on my floor.
  25. Ok...I am ashamed to admit this but I have some questions on Oscar fish care. I know some are asking themselves, "Why be ashamed?" Well my ex and I lived together for a year and he had 3 oscars and 1 more that I gave him. In that year I apparently didn't pay any attention to anything. And I am far too proud to ask. So...my starting list of questions. 1. How long can I keep a small oscar in a 30 gallon? I plan to buy the small oscar at the petstore and want to qt in my 30. I don't want to move the goldies out of the 55 and qt the oscar in there in cause he should die. I want to switch the tanks after I know he is fine. 2. How long can I keep him in a 55? I plan to move out next year and can get a bigger tank then. Until then, the 55 is all I have. If not possible for a year, then I will change plans and buy the oscar next year. 3. How much filtration do I need? I thought I remembered 5x but I don't know where that came from. 4. Do I need a substrate? 5. What is the best kind food/brand? I might think up more stuff later. Thanks to anyone that answers! (Oh. I did try to join an actual oscar community but the activation link was never sent and the owner seems to be gone.)
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