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  1. Do you have any live plants? A bunch of little creatures live in them so if you toss some into the net, the fry will have some live food that way.
  2. I had to give away the others to the lfs so I don't try to save the fry anymore. I do have two in the tropical tank and one will have to be moved out when they get older.
  3. that's what I'm doingSent from my SCH-I535 using Tapatalk 2 I am looking to switch to all Fluvals. I only need to win the lottery first
  4. I don't have any in my 180 or tropical tank. And you all know my guys love to breed lol
  5. Congrats on the successful qt! They make a cute pair
  6. I hate my HOBs right now. The AC 110 that I have on my oscar tank shuts down all the time. I can get it going with a skewer. Then I have a super loud penguin pro. It is in the basement now but will be moved into the third bedroom in my new house. I don't want it keeping my roommate up all night. That is how loud the thing is, you can hear it in the next room. I am switching to canisters as soon as I can.
  7. Welcome Jenny! It will also be really helpful if you can answer the rest of the questions at the top. But photos will be the most helpful.
  8. What are your nitrates from your tap? Does the vet not think that is an issue? My cat drinks from my betta tank all the time. The nitrates are very low in that tank though. We don't see it as an issue unless he goes for the fish.
  9. forgive me but that don't sound like a good track record. Sent from my SCH-I535 using Tapatalk 2 I didn't say it was. I was just giving my experience.
  10. I have two of six fish that I bought from Tommy. Three died in qt and one after a year. The two I have still have grown a lot and show no signs of illness.
  11. Google is a very interesting fish. I am not talking about the one eye but the long singletail. All are gorgeous
  12. Same here. I have a 306 and it rarely "gunks" up and that is with three goldies and a pleco. I have cleaned it twice since setting it up and it was less dirty than my HOBs would be after a week.
  13. That is exactly the same tool that I have.
  14. It is probably so loud because the impeller hasn't "gunked" up yet. The vaseline will help. My penguin quit working the other day so I cleaned the entire thing out. It is super loud now.
  15. Make sure to check your spam folder xfinity always sent their emails to spam until I added them to my address book.
  16. Do you ever notice any bottom sitting? Also, I would stop adding salt with every water change. It makes some diseases salt resistant.
  17. The transhipper will simply write your name on the bag with your fish and send a sheet with your email to the transhipper.
  18. You buy the betta and have the breeder send the betta to your transhipper. Then the transhipper gets in contact with you. The breeder will inform you of when they are sending out the fish. They usually do two shipments a month. The fish generally arrive on a Sunday or Monday and the transhipper gets the fish sent out the following day or any day you choose. The prices for the transhippers are generally the same. So don't pick one just because he or she is closer. Jennifer and Linda are very good. I have used them both.
  19. Mikey, she has already had the fish for months. I don't think another fish is an option now
  20. Welcome Ladybug! I also want to remind members that since she is a student in college, the tank and filter might be the best she can afford at the moment. A 5.5 gallon is not the end of the world. Just keep up on daily water changes, especially now that the tank will start cycling. Do you have access to a test kit or someone that can test the water for you? These test readings will help determine how much water you need to be changing or how often. And I would also buy some water conditioner by Seachem, called Prime. It will help detoxify the water should you get really busy with school. It is not a substitute for water changes though About your filter. I have had several internal filters where the cord starts at the bottom of the filter. So the cord is at least 4 inches in the water. It never caused an issue. Also, I believe that you can position the filter to either give you a spray or no spray. If it is possible to rotate the spray bar so that the water goes up to the surface to create some surface agitation, that would be ideal. However, it might make some noise that would keep you and your roomie awake. I know that the sound of trickling water drives me crazy when I try to sleep. I hope you are not putoff by the members here. This really is the best forum out there, we just get kinda crazy because we love these darn fish so much. Spelling is not my friend
  21. I have gravel in my 29 gallon tank. It is caribsea peace river gravel. It is the smallest gravel out there and the only one I would recommend for goldies.
  22. Congrats!!! It took 4 days for my last fry to hatch when the temps were in the low 60s here.
  23. Your tank is so gorgeous. I want to try something similar with my butterfly tank when I move. And your two make the tank look like a 40b!
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