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  1. ?I found your videos. Your 29 tank is beautiful and so are your fish! It's cool to see the peace river rock with the plants. It helps me to get ideas. Flipper asked about vacuumability. What's vacuuming like with peace river rock? It is the same as regular gravel. But it doesn't seem to get as dirty.
  2. I have peace river gravel in my 29. If you go to my youtube, it is in the DO butterfly tank videos. I personally really love it.
  3. You want to aim for two watts per gallon. I would go with 100 watts. If it were to short out, it would have a harder time frying your fish.
  4. Just reading the filstar reviews onlinr makes me afraid of them. I love fluvals though lol
  5. I am thinking about it. I already have a tropical tank and goldfish tank. His pleco is still in there so it has to get along with him. I have to visit the petstore on Sunday for puppy stuff and will look then.
  6. I figured I would just add his picture to remember him by
  7. Thank you guys. He is in the freezer until I can get a shovel to bury him.
  8. He hasn't moved at all...I think it is safe to say that he has passed
  9. I use my hands for alk my fish...with the exception of the plecos who scare me a little bit
  10. Well he jumped from the tank in the middle of the night. I think something spooked him because the driftwood I had leaning on the glass was standing straight up. I don't know how he did it because the hole in the lid was only big enough for the filter and he isn't big enough to move the lid. He wasn't completely dried out so I put him back in the tank in hopes that he wasn't too far gone. I had to go to work and wasn't able to do more for him
  11. I am doing this off my phone so tell me if I forgot anything. I need to unearth my test kit but these are the parameters before the move. It can't be too off of this since the tank got a 100% change. Tap tested 0/0/0 in October in new house. Tank: 0/0/5 pH: 6.8 temp at 78. I think the house pH is higher since the goldies LOVE it. Still need to get that. He got drip acclimated because of the difference in tank temp and hose temp. 55 gallon tank Weekly 90% water changes with prime. One 7 inch oscar and one 5 inch BN pleco. No new fish. Penguin pro 400 filter. Never treated for anything. Fed tetra pellets. I moved him on Tuesday. Sunday his tank was torn down and moved into the new house on Monday. He was in a 15 gallon tote for less than two days. All of his media was put in the tote with him and an airstone. He was put in a plastic bag for transport but wasn't in there for more than two hours. I am really starting to worry since he has played "dead" several times and turned his nose up to food I can try to get the other parameters tonight when I find my kit.
  12. I qould definitely check for leaks. Try what Jeana suggested.
  13. I would have to say bye to the tanks at that price!
  14. We will have those fees too My parents have a tax to pay to fix the city's plumbing. And they don't live in Atlanta.
  15. No leaks as of right now! I keep thinking that I hear running water...it is the fish tank in my room lol
  16. Hey guys. So I just moved and no longer have the parental units paying for my water. Booooo. I know...I am so spoiled. Well...I have one 180 gallon, one 60, two 55s and a 29 setup. So I am slighly freaking out about the water bill. What or around how much do you all pay? Luckily, there are only two humans living here so that is a few less showers
  17. My kitchen sink doesn't either so I have to use the bathroom sink. For my tank that is too far away, I use the outside spicket.
  18. Do you know your parameters of the qt tank? Was it cycled or were you going off daily water changes?
  19. It looks great! I bet when you come back you will no longer recognize it when it fills in
  20. I might have to copy you. My penguins are driving me insane. I had to switch them to a tank further away from the bedroom lol
  21. I too only use a heater in the winter. It got to 40 in my room the other day goldfish tanks were at 60 even with the heater. We had a cold snap into the 20s and I didn't have my own heater on lol
  22. ashlee18


    I feed my guys once a day everyday. If there is a day they don't eat, it was because I was just too busy to do so. They are fine either way.
  23. The main thing would be to try and have the tank width deeper and the height shorter. Other than that, congrats!
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