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  1. I just wanted to say that I am glad to hear he is doing fine I dropped my baby Tele on the floor in my parent's basement. He is doing fine two years later
  2. You guys make my boy look like a saint. Oh wait...he ate a plate of brownies...that is worse.
  3. He will be fine with the colder water. They are coldwater fish Good luck and I hope the power comes back soon.
  4. Why would she pretend she's a guy named Gus? Lol? This is so she will not get wierd replies from guys wanting more than to simply sell her a tank. Exactly. I would also put out your own ad. That was how I got my 180. A guy in south carolina saw it and emailed me.
  5. Petsmart carries some big ones around here. Way bigger than the ones that site sells.
  6. I agree with this 100%. Many people have kept cichlids in a higher ph without any problems. Raising the ph is safer than lowering it so I wouldn't touch it.
  7. He actually passed I think he was just too weak.
  8. Great work! He must think he died and went to heaven
  9. I would also just bleach a bew filter. The thing that I like about new filters is that the better models come with a warranty. I know for a fact that the fx5 comes with a one year warranty which you wouldn't get with a used one.
  10. Sorry that I totally forgot to reply guys The pleco is about a year old I would say. They reach max growth at around two years. His daddy is huge so I expecy him to be pretty big as well. His dad is about 5 inches of pure muscle and the other male in the same tank is six. I don't know their weight right now. They were at aroubd 5 grams at five months old but I cut back their feeding during the move. They should start growing faster again.
  11. Hi guys! It has been a while since I updated you all on my three fry. They were born a few weeks over 7 months ago on the 5th of May. They have moved from the 20 gallon into the old Dandy Orandas Butterfly's tank and are doing amazing. Butter had some swim bladder issues in the 20 gallon and seems cured since being moved. Their father is for sure my calico ryukin Kenny and the mother is either my white oranda Ike or my late calico butterfly. And maybe both of them lol
  12. it's probably because the fish have something to shelter them from the bright light if they need a break. i used to keep my lights on for 10+ hours, but i'd find that the fish would look for somewhere to rest which was usually away from the lights. remember, fish do not have eyelids so their environment needs to provide a break from the constant light.? i generally only switch my tank lights on from around 4pm and then switch them off around 8 hours later. if i'm having dinner guests over, i switch the lights on a few hours beforehand and then off again when i go to bed. Nope. The fish in the 180 have nothing in the tank after the move. They are actually acting better since everything was removed.
  13. Mine go from 8a to 8p on my heavily planted tank and 12p to 12a on my 180. I have never had a problem.
  14. He wasn't looking good today he was reallly listless and got kinda stuck to the filter intake.
  15. Congrats! Your new little guy doesn't look bloated in the picture. A little over feeding isn't a bad thing with babies as it helps them grow. He also still has his fry color so you should expect his stress stripes to disappear around the time he turns 3 months old. Don't worry for now And full tank shot when you get those plants please!
  16. He is gorgeous!!! I can see why you had to have him. The rest of your gang is gorgeous as well and congrats on the new tank
  17. Well he is eating just fine . I tried to hand feed him but he was having none of that. So I just dropped them on the opposite side of the tank as the filter and he found all the pellets.
  18. Wow. You all reply quick lol Thank you all for the support. He does remind me of a puffer fish . They didn't know how he lost his fins but they were just gone one day.
  19. I got this little guy for free yesterday from petco. He had been there for two weeks and has no fins! I normally walk away from rescues like him because I don't want to support the idea that selling sick or injured fish is okay, but the employee gave him to me for no charge. I also thought it would be nice to help him out during the holidays. I have him setup in a 10 galoon qt and will slowly add salt tonight since he made it through the first 24 hours. I also have to figure out a way to feed him. He still doesn't have a name either.
  20. I was able to sell a few of my fish to my local fish store. They took a number of my angels and bristlenose plecos. You can also try aquabid. I sold a number of fish on there. You would either have to say pickup only or consider shipping.
  21. Yeah, my thought would be hole in the head, especially since it appears to go along the lateral line.
  22. That is a good point but I have to clarify that DieselPlower would never be caught knitting, or practicing yoga. I might try out a unicycle. I dont really wanna make more work for myself.? This made me LOL Do you have a basement, live on a crawlspace or slab? I live on a slab and the 180 does just fine. It weighs about a ton filled.
  23. Hi all! After the move I had a slow and steady die off of most of the fish in my tropical tank. My 55 now houses two angelfish and four black neon tetras. And maybe one oto. It is also moderately planted but making its way back to heavily. What do you all suggest to add to this tank? I want a pop of color if possible
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