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  1. Love the color of Red. Thanks for sharing!
  2. Beancurdturtle, I am considering an LED fixture, I like its efficiency and small heat generation. Hidr, it is hard to get sunlight into the tank so I will have to rely on artificial light. If i get a double tube fixture, would I need a new hood?
  3. Hey, thanks for the replies, I think that I will try LED fixtures. Although i do have a question, are the compact lights your speaking of a regular light bulb fixture koko?
  4. Great looking pearlscale, although they all look good
  5. wow, they look amazing! thanks for sharing!
  6. May he rest in peace... sorry bout your loss.
  7. They look amazing! love them...
  8. Hey, does anyone have this plant in their tank? If so, how well does it do in a goldfish tank? Do they get eaten? and how well does it grow? Below is a link. http://www.liveaquaria.com/product/prod_display.cfm?c=768+809&pcatid=809 Right now I have it in a tank with no goldfish so I want to know if it will get destroyed. Thanks.
  9. 2 days? Wow thats really fast must be something in the soil . Takes me a couple of weeks.
  10. After vinegar washing, boiling it will ensure its good to put in the tank. Beach is a good place to find decor for tanks
  11. Plants should do fine while cycling, in addition, plants will consume some of the nitrates, but you still need to change the water.
  12. From my experience, java fern and anubis do well with goldfish. Anarachis get eaten too fast by them. Also, the sunlight that you get will help with the plant growth. If your plants turn yellow, then you may need to add some iron and potassium avalible from supplements. Hope that helps.
  13. Hi all, I want to know if anyone has lighting for their aquarium that isn't florescent tube. I'm thinking about adding more light because right now all i have is a 15W light for a 20 gallon. Since I will be planting the tank, what kind of additional lighting should I get? I cannot fit another florescent housing to the tank, since there is no space. Thanks.
  14. Photos would be a great idea... congrats on your new fish!
  15. I would say thats excellent for the fish, so much room... and its not crazy, you just care for your fish
  16. Hey, rearranging the stuff around in the tank may help. That way both fish feel like they are new to the environment. right now it seems that one of your fish feels like it got invaded. I also have to say that your fish have great colors.
  17. Its good that you found someone with a pond, and I agree with above, we would love to see some pics!
  18. They look so great and happy together!
  19. Wow, exceptionally beautiful fish, the white one is amazing!
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