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  1. Well, I am heart broken. I woke up at 4 a.m. and she was actually swimming around. I tested the water to make sure nothing was going on and all levels were perfect. I woke up at 7:30 to change her water and she had passed away. I cannot believe it. I really thought she was doing better. I cannot thank everyone enough for the help and support. I feel like I should have done more for her, but I just don't know what that could be. I am new at this and I loved her, but she is no longer suffering and that has to be what I think about now. I have a big tank with 4 other fish in it and they are doing great. Their tank has been set up for quite some time now, but I worry about them often. Thank you again for caring about her. I just don;t know what could have gone wrong in just a few hours. I tested hr water again after she passed and none of the levels were off. I guess the infection was just too much for her poor little body. Thank you to all once again.

  2. Did a huge water change and started the furan 2 . It has been a few hours and still no change, but really what do i expect after a few hours. Still not putting in salt. I have been doing some more research, should the ph be lower than 7.4? If it is columnaris? Poor fish, I wish i could do more. Setting my alarm for 6 a.m. to check water and do possible water change. Anything else I can do? Is the temp at 70 ok? Am I correct to keep salt out of the water? Thank you again. Always grateful.

  3. Ok. I did a huge water change. Still not putting in salt, I did use Prime and the Ph buffer. checked the ph and it is still at 7.4 How do i know if what she has is bacterial or fungal? There are no cottony tufts on her body, both sets of her side fins. and tail. The dorsal fin actually looks pretty good. She is so weak, I am pouring the water in So slowly and even that small amount of water movement she struggles to not be swept around. Should I start the Furan -2 or the anti fungal? It literally is bringing me to tears. I am SO grateful for other people's advice and support. Thank you.

  4. IMG_0468.jpg





    Thought I would add more pictures to give an idea of how bad here fins look. She actually seems a little more active than this morning but not by much. I went to the aquarium store and got API Furan 2, Fungus Cure and EM erythromycin, Have not used them, because the Maracyn products are inthe water. I was thinking of doing a100% water change and then switching to the API products. However, which one? Is this fungal or bacterial? I wish she could tell me. Her poor little side fins look totally shredded. She seems to breathing rapidly and is is tilting to one side. The aquarium store people like the API stuff better, but I am going to do whatever is suggested here. THank you So much.

  5. Not good at all! Her poor body has So much more red in it. it really looks like she is bleeding under her skin I did a 90 % water change, NO salt, added buffer and Prime. Put back in the Maracyn 2. Should I add the Maroxy or Marcacyn? I feel like her side finsare almost completely gone and what si there look like little tuffs of cotton. I can do water changes three or four times a day, but willl that stress her out more? This is so frustrating because I feel like there is no way to really tell what is happening to her and I feel completely helpless. I have covered the tank with a towel to block the light and am going to the aquarium store in a few. I would like to get the API Furan -2 and give that a try after another water change or am I not being patient? THANK YOU FOR ALL THE ADVICE AND SUPPORT. I rescued her two years ago from an abandoned pond and I have grown so attached to her. I did test the water before i changed it....Ph 7.6, ammonia 0 Nitrates between 0 and .5 and nitrites .25 However, I immediately did the 90% water change. Should I still keep with the no salt?

    Forgot, the temp is 7o degrees F

  6. I did just check and the ingredients for the Furan API are Nitrofurazone and Furazolidone. I also have the Tetra Fungus Guard and it has the same ingredients (however it does not specify amounts) and additionally Potassium Dichromate. So confusing. I really do not want to use anything right now, but her tail is literally falling apart and I am starting to panic.

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    Here are a few more pictures. I don't know if it helps at all. I did do another water change. The temp of the new water is the same as the water I am taking out, and still no salt. Can I do too many water changes? I think since earlier this afternoon she is worse. But maybe it will get better still. How do I tell if it is fungal or bacterial? The insert with the meds is really confusing. Let me know if I should post more pics. I don't know what else to do for her, so I guess I am just posting pictures and hoping. Sorry for that.

  8. She has not eaten in over a week. I am worried now that maybe it is the actual filter that may be causing the problem, is that even possible? I know the poster said that the water looked foul, but in reality it does not, I have been doing water changes every day and am now doing them twice per day. It is so hard to just wait. Just in the last few hours her fins are getting worse and it looks like there are tuffs of cotton on her mouth. Should I do another water change? still stick to no salt? I took off the filter and dumped the water out and it is really gross. I don't know if it the bio filter in there or algae, should I clean it and if so how? I agree that something is wrong with the tank, but if water changes are not helping what could it be? Thank you again for the help.

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    She is not feeling well at all. Just did another water change, no salt, buffer, Prime. Now she has this whiteness around her mouth and her tail is getting some white on it too and disintegrating more. PLease help. I did go out and get Maracyn, Maracyn 2, Maroxy just in case I should use it later in the evening adn all the stores are closed. Thank you again.

  10. Keeping up with water changes, taking out the salt. Temp is up to 70 degrees F. She is so lethargic. she just floats along the bottom and then kind of bounces off the sides of the tank. Her mouth is starting to turn red as well. I did put some Nutrfin Cycle into the tank. I am doing two water changes a day, and I will not put in any salt for a few days. The red on her sides os getting worse and her fins are getting more red in them as well. I am trying to be patient,but I am SO worried!! Thanks for all the help. I really need it.

  11. OK So this morning is not good!! She is much more lethargic and has a red spot now forming on the other side of her body as well!!! I am going to do another water change, but I am at a loss. Should I do water changes twice a day? Her levels in the water are good. what about the salt? am I putting in too much? Maybe not enough? I am really scarred she is not going to make it. Thank you for any help!!

  12. Keeping up with the water changes, temp of water is now at 70 and it really seems to be helping. How much salt should I be adding? Is 1/2 tsp per gallon not enough? How should I address her the cloudiness (for lack of a better term, it is almost like a tiny piece of cotton on her eye) on her eye or will it resolve itself with the water changes? Assuming she gets better, how long should I wait before I put her back into the big tank?

    And also thank you so much for the help and advice.

  13. Please copy & paste fill the following form and fill it out to the best of your ability when requesting help for Goldfish Problems:

    • Test Results for the Following:
    • * Ammonia Level .25
    • * Nitrite Level 0
    • * Nitrate level between 0 and 5
    • * Ph Level, Tank (If possible, KH, GH and chloramines) 7.8
    • * Ph Level, Tap (If possible, KH, GH and chloramines) 6.8
      Other Required Info:
    • * Brand of test-kit used and whether strips or drops? test kit is the API for Fresh water master kit
    • * Water temperature? 62 Degrees F
    • * Tank size (how many gals.) and how long has it been running? 10 gallon and for about a month
    • * What is the name and "size of the filter"(s)? Tetra whisper ex 20
    • * How often do you change the water and how much? It was every other day and about 40%, but now(yesterday and today and here after) I am changing it every day and about 60%
    • (I also have some Neutral Regulator at home but I do not know if I should use it.)

    • * How many days ago was the last water change and how much did you change? Changed about 60% of water 8 hours ago and changed about the same amount the day before
    • * How many fish in the tank and their size? 1 in a ten gallon hospital tank
    • * What kind of water additives or conditioners? Prime and aquarium salt (1/2 tsp per gallon)
    • * What do you feed your fish and how often? Flakes, four to five days a week, but she is not eating right now, tried brine shrimp and was not interested in that as well.
    • * Any new fish added to the tank? No
    • * Any medications added to the tank? Finished course of API TC Tetracycline
    • * List entire medication/treatment history for fish and tank. Please include salt, Prazi, PP, etc and the approximate time and duration of treatment. Fish had fin rot, started with Maracyn and Maracyn 2 but did not help, switched to API TC tetracycline and it did help, had to do two courses, with water changes to halt the fin rot and clear up the red streaks, which are now coming back. Have added salt, (1/2 tsp per gallon,) while making water changes. Today I did about a 60-70% water change, added salt and Prime to water and that is it. There is an air stone in the tank and no charcoal filter in the filter right now.
    • * Any unusual findings on the fish such as "grains of salt," bloody streaks, frayed fins or fungus? Blood streaks on lower fins, slight red dot on side, looks like a wound is starting, and the left eye has a tiny bit of fuzz on it She has not eaten in over a week. Fins are frayed still from the fin rot. Does not seem to be getting worse.
    • * Any unusual behavior like staying at the bottom, not eating, etc.? She is staying at the bottom of the tank and not eating She is hanging out by the intake of the filter and seems to be pulled towards it before she swims a little bit away from it.

  14. My poor fish had a terrible case of fin rot. I put her in a hospital tank and cleared it up with Api TC. she had also gotten sceptic, but that passed with the meds. She looked so much better but still refused to eat. Tested her water frequently, and all was perfect. Using Prime conditioner. Today she is floating at the bottom of the tank and slight red to her bottom fins. Still will not touch food. Tried peas, brine shrimp, nothing. I did a very large water change. I have been adding salt to her water. There is an air stone in the tank and the carbon filter is out of the filter. I have so many meds here, but am scarred to put them in, I have no idea what is happening to her.On her side there is what looks to be the beginning of a sore and her eye seems a little cloudy, like a tuft of cotton is on it, but it is super small. Help me please. I love her and will try anything to help her. Water temp is super low, like 62 degrees. Thank you. I have Pimafix, Melafix, API Fungus Cure, Paraguard, Prazipro, Maracyn and Maracyn 2, TC Tetracycline, and many more things here in the fish medicine cabinet. I do not want to use meds if it can be avoided and I do not want to over medicate her, but I always feel like they get sick on the holidays or 2 a.m. and I try and be prepared. Please do not think that I am throwing a bunch of stuff into the water, I am not. Thank you for any help and advice, I will try and post pics.

  15. I have been feeding shelled peas and a little of their food, that i have soaked in their water. It doesn't seem to be helping. Keeping up with the water changes and keeping the Ph in a healthy zone. What could be causing this problem? I haven't seen any worms, but their poop floats on the surface of the tank and is clear and really gross. Thank you for any and all help

  16. Now I have a new problem. One of my big fish has really weird pooh. It is practically clear with very little pockets of color and has pockets of air. I find it floating on the top of the water and yesterday saw which fish it was coming from. Is this because of my Ph problems? Could they have a parasite? I just want them to be healthy. Thank you again

  17. Thanks for that advice as well. I am testing the water everyday and having a little trouble keeping the Ph up. I did read online that using Amquel as a water conditioner can lower Ph...Have you heard about this at all? it is what I use, but I am thinking of switching. My fish look and act better everyday. I really think their color is brighter as well! we are thinking of putting in a pond in the back yard, do you think they would be happier there? We are looking at about 12 ft by 8 ft and at least three and a half feet deep in part of the pond, or should it be that deep in all or it? Thanks for all the support and great advice!

  18. I have been following everyone's great advice and my Ph is 7 and holding strong. I used the Seachem buffer because it was a sunday and the best the fish store could offer. I also got the coral but they told me it would take a little bit to work and that I needed to do something faster in the mean while. My fish already look significantly better and the bleeding around my big fish's fins has almost totally cleared up!! The white fuzz around her is gone as well. I did feed them an antibiotic food on Sunday and Today and I did do one more Maracyn and Maracyn two treatment. Whatever has happened it has worked!! They seem so much happier and all four are eating better as well. I also switched their food from the Tetra to New Life Spectrum Optimum. Thank you for your help. I hope they stay healthy. I am doing 30% water changes everyday while the tank cycles. I hope that is not too much....or not enough. Thanks again. Any more advice is greatly appreciated.

  19. I just got home from work and they seem a little better. I will go to the store first thing and get the crushed coral, should I use a buffer as well? I read the link to the Ph/Kh discussion and it seems that coral takes a while to effect the problem and I really want them to have some relief now. I have a product called Bullseye 7.0 at home right now, but I have been afraid to use it because the store said that it worked really quickly and to be careful not to shcok the fish. Now I feel desperate to get them some relief. The only Baking Soda I have is for actually baking and I am afraid to put it in the tank for fear that it is contaminated with other baking products. ( incase I used a measuring spoon in the baking soda that was used in something else) Do you think the low Ph is causing the red around the fins and on the stomach of my very large Goldie? Thank you so much for the advice. It is all very overwhelming and the more I surf the internet, the more panicked I get.

  20. Hi. I really appreciate any help or advice. I rescued five goldfish from an abandoned water feature at a bar. Two are about 9 inches and three are about three or four inches. I have one of the little ones in a hospital tank, but now the other ones are sick as well. My main tank is 55 gallons with a whisper 70 filter on it, I have an air stone and I add conditioner to every water change. The levels are as follows, Ammonia: 0, Nitrites:0 Nitrates 0, and the Ph is about 6. I have tried to raise the Ph and the tap water is 7, but every time i do a water change, within a few hours the ph is back to 6. I hesitate to add chemicals or buffers right now because they are sick, but maybe that is the reason they are sick. One of the big fish has a white layer on her, it almost looks like she is shedding, but she isn't. The other large one is getting a little of it around his face. The two little ones look fine, but their top fins are starting to clamp. I have done 50% water changes everyday and I have added aquarium salt at 1/2 tsp per gallon. I have started Maracyn and Maracyn two,(yesterday) and they do not look worse, but they do not look better and now they are sucking at the top of the tank when I am not around. When I walk up to the tank they dive back down. I saw this behavior today and did another water change, it seems to calm them. I also cleaned my filter. I looked inside and there was a ton of blue slimy stuff coating the inside so I cleaned it with a paper towel. Their pooh is not normal. It is stringy and clear and sometimes it is redish brown. Could that be nematodes? Please help me. I have never owned a fish before and I would love for them to be happy and healthy. I have gone as far as starting to plan an outside water feature at our house, but that will take time, and I hope they make it. I do not know if they have a bacterial infection , fungal or parasites, and it seems very hard to diagnose. I have tried to take pictures, but they are all coming out really poorly. The last thing is that I think they now have septicemia, since one of the big fish has red leaching under her tail and it looks like it is now around her side fins. Thank you so much. I really appreciate any help. Rebecca

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